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Open Market Order (OMO) Charges

The data set contains information on work orders created through HPD's Emergency Repair Program, Alternative Enforcement Program and Demolition programs and fees assessed against properties by HPD pursuant to the Housing Maintenance Code. The work orders are created to conduct emergency repair work when an owner fails to address a hazardous condition pursuant to the requirements of an HPD-issued violation, a Department of Buildings Declaration of Emergency, a Department of Health Commissioner's Order to Abate or an emergency violation issued by another City Agency. The work orders may be issued to a private vendor following the City's Procurement Rules or may be conducted by agency staff.

This is part of the <a href=>HPD Charge Data collection of data tables.</a>


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
OMONumberomonumberomonumberTextHPD unique identifier of OMO
BoroboroboroTextBoro code (1 = Manhattan, 2 = Bronx, 3 = Brooklyn, 4 = Queens, 5 = Staten Island)
ZipzipzipTextZipcode for the property
FEMAEventfemaeventfemaeventTextName of FEMA reimbursable event
FEMAEventIDfemaeventidfemaeventidNumberUnique identifier of FEMA Event
BuildingIDbuildingidbuildingidNumberHPD unique identifier of the building
Boro IDboro_idboro_idNumberUnique identifier of a borough
ServiceChargeFlagservicechargeflagservicechargeflagTextIndicates if there is a service charge associated with this OMO
OMODescriptionomodescriptionomodescriptionTextDescription of OMO
Council Districtcouncil_districtcouncil_districtText
LotlotlotNumberUnique number assigned by DoF identifying the lot within a Tax Block
WorkTypeGeneralworktypegeneralworktypegeneralTextGeneral Description of Type of work performed by this OMO
OMOAwardAmountomoawardamountomoawardamountNumberAmount this OMO was awarded for
OMOCreateDateomocreatedateomocreatedateCalendar dateDate OMO was created by system
OMOAwardDateomoawarddateomoawarddateCalendar dateDate OMO was awarded
Community Boardcommunity_boardcommunity_boardText
IsCommercialDemolitioniscommercialdemolitioniscommercialdemolitionTextIndicates if this OMO was for the demolition of commercial property
IsAEPisaepisaepTextIndicates if this OMO was created thru the Alternative Enforcement program
HouseNumberhousenumberhousenumberTextPrincipal house number
BlockblockblockNumberNumber assigned by DoF identifying the Tax block in which the lot is included
OMOIDomoidomoidNumberUnique number identifying OMO
StreetNamestreetnamestreetnameTextThe normalized street name associated with a given Geosupport Information System (GIS) Street Code
OMOStatusReasonomostatusreasonomostatusreasonTextReason this OMO was closed
NetChangeOrdersnetchangeordersnetchangeordersNumberNet value of approved Change Orders associated with this OMO
LifeCyclelifecyclelifecycleTextThe stage in the building life cycle
Census Tractcensus_tractcensus_tractText
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