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Open Parking and Camera Violations

Open Parking and Camera Violations

The Open Parking and Camera Violations dataset was initially loaded with all violations contained in the mainframe database as of May 2016. Subsequent new violation issuance and updates to existing violations are applied to this data set on the following schedule:

New or open violations will be updated weekly (Sunday).

Violations satisfied by having been paid, dismissed via hearing, statutorily expired, or had other changes to its status, will be updated daily (Tuesday through Sunday).

Violations that have been written-off because they have statutorily expired and are no longer valid are indicated with blank financials.

Summons images will not be available during scheduled downtime on Sundays from 5:00 am to 10:00 am.

</p>* Initial dataset loaded 05/14/2016.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
License Typelicense_typelicense_typeText
Judgment Entry Datejudgment_entry_datejudgment_entry_dateText
Violation Statusviolation_statusviolation_statusText
Fine Amountfine_amountfine_amountNumber
Issue Dateissue_dateissue_dateText
Summons Imagesummons_imagesummons_imageURL
Penalty Amountpenalty_amountpenalty_amountNumber
Payment Amountpayment_amountpayment_amountNumber
Violation Timeviolation_timeviolation_timeText
Interest Amountinterest_amountinterest_amountNumber
Amount Dueamount_dueamount_dueNumber
Reduction Amountreduction_amountreduction_amountNumber
Summons Numbersummons_numbersummons_numberNumber
Issuing Agencyissuing_agencyissuing_agencyText

Upstream Metadata