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PLUTO Change File

This is a companion dataset to PLUTO and MapPLUTO. PLUTO and MapPLUTO are created using the best available data from a number of city agencies. To further improve data quality, the Department of City Planning (DCP) applies changes to selected field values. DCPEdited is set to “1” in PLUTO if the record contains any changed values.

All previously released versions of this data are available at <a href="[year]=0">BYTES of the BIG APPLE- Archive</a>


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
typetypetypeNumberFlag indicating the type of change
new_valuenew_valuenew_valueTextThe changed value of the field
old_valueold_valueold_valueTextThe original value of the field
bblbblbblTextA concatenation of the borough code, tax block and tax lot
fieldfieldfieldTextName of the PLUTO field being changed
versionversionversionTextFor programmatic changes, this is version in which the programmatic change was implemented.
reasonreasonreasonTextThe reason the field value was changed. See Appendix for valid values for programmatic and research changes. For user reported changes, the reason states the field that was wrong, e.g. “Lot area wrong”.

Upstream Metadata