Recycling Diversion and Capture Rates

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Recycling Diversion and Capture Rates

For each Community District, its Recycling Diversion rate (percentage of total municipal solid waste collected by the Department of Sanitation that is disposed of by recycling) and Capture Rate (percentage of total Paper or Metal/Glass/Plastic in the waste stream that is disposed of by recycling). For more information about DSNY's recycling programs, see: Capture rate is the amount of materials set out for residential recycling collection as a percentage of designated recyclable materials in both recycling and refuse streams. This ratio measures how much of the targeted materials are actually being recycled, which is a measure of how successfully such materials are recycled. Please note that since 2013, DSNY no longer uses capture rate information. For information on what is in NYC's waste, see:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Diversion Rate-Total (Total Recycling / Total Waste)diversionrate_total_total_recycling_total_wastediversionrate_total_total_recycling_total_wasteNumberTotal Recycling / Total Waste
Month Namemonth_namemonth_nameTextName of the month
Capture Rate-MGP (Total MGP / Max MGP)capturerate_mgp_total_mgp_max_mgpcapturerate_mgp_total_mgp_max_mgpNumberTotal Recyclable Metal, Glass, Plastic & Beverage Cartons / Max Recyclable Metal, Glass, Plastic & Beverage Cartons in Waste Stream
DistrictdistrictdistrictTextOne of NYC's 59 community districts which correspond to Sanitation districts.
Fiscal Month Numberfiscal_month_numberfiscal_month_numberNumberThe number of the fiscal month. The NYC fiscal year starts in July so July is fiscal month 1.
Capture Rate-Paper (Total Paper / Max Paper)capturerate_paper_total_paper_max_papercapturerate_paper_total_paper_max_paperNumberTotal Recyclable Paper / Max Recyclable Paper in Waste Stream
Zone_zone_zoneTextDSNY Collection Zone. Zone. Zones include the following: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn North, Brooklyn South, Queens West, Queens East, Staten Island
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearfiscal_yearNumberYear that corresponds to NYC fiscal year. The NYC fiscal year starts in July and ends in June.
Capture Rate-Total ((Total Recycling - Leaves (Recycling)) / (Max Paper + Max MGP))x100capture_rate_total_total_recycling_leaves_recycling_max_paper_max_mgp_x100capture_rate_total_total_recycling_leaves_recycling_max_paper_mNumber(Total Recycling - Leaves) / (Max Recyclable Paper + Max Recyclable Metal, Glass, Plastic & Cartons) x 100

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