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SNAP and Cash Assistance for NYCHA Residents - Local Law 163

SNAP and Cash Assistance for NYCHA Residents - Local Law 163

This dataset contains information about <a href="">SNAP </a> and <a href="">Cash Assistance</a>, services offered by the Department of Social Services (DSS)/Human Resources Administration (HRA) to help New Yorkers receive the federally-administered food benefits they qualify for. Each row in the dataset represents the number of public housing residents on a Borough-level who receive or utilize this service.

For datasets related to other services provided to NYCHA residents, view the data collection “Services available to NYCHA Residents - Local Law 163”.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Received benefits under SNAPreceived_benefits_under_snapreceived_benefits_under_snapNumber
Submitted applications for benefits under Cash Assistancesubmitted_applications_for_1submitted_applications_for_1Text
Were income-eligible for Cash Assisstancewere_income_eligible_for_1were_income_eligible_for_1Text
Submitted applications for benefits under SNAPsubmitted_applications_forsubmitted_applications_forText
Received benefits under Cash Assistancereceived_benefits_under_cashreceived_benefits_under_cashNumber
Were income-eligible for SNAP benefitswere_income_eligible_forwere_income_eligible_forText

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