Street and Highway Capital Reconstruction Projects - Block

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Street and Highway Capital Reconstruction Projects - Block

This data is a spatial representation of street construction projects. Street and Highway capital projects are major street reconstruction projects, ranging from general street resurfacing projects to full reconstruction of the roadbed, sidewalks, sewer and water pipes and other utilities. Capital projects are essential to keep the City's infrastructure in a state of good repair.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
LocationGeometry.STLength()location_1location_1NumberThe length of the street segment or geometry of the project in feet.
CurrentFundingcurrentfuncurrentfunNumberEstimated current funding allocated for this capital project.
ProjectDescriptionprojectdesprojectdesTextThe description of the capital project.
ConstructionFYconstructiconstructiNumberThe fiscal year of the capital project.
ConstructionEndDateconstruc_1construc_1Calendar dateThe date the project will be completed.
OnStreetNameonstreetnaonstreetnaTextThe street where the capital project is taking place.
FMSAgencyIDfmsagencyifmsagencyiNumberThe three number citywide Financial Management System (FMS) agency code.
ProjectJustificationprojectjusprojectjusTextThe reason for the initiation of the project.
BoroughNameboroughnamboroughnamTextThe New York City borough where the project would take place.
ToStreetNametostreetnatostreetnaTextThe nearest cross street to where the capital project is taking place.
OtherScopeotherscopeotherscopeTextBrief description for any other capital projects.
SafetyScopesafetyscopsafetyscopTextBrief description for a safety related capital projects.
OversallScopeoverallscooverallscoTextOverall brief description of the capital projects.
ProjectCostprojectcosprojectcosNumberEstimated cost of the capital project.
DesignStartDatedesignstardesignstarCalendar dateThe date the design phase of the capital project starts.
ProjectStatusprojectstaprojectstaTextThe current status of the capital project.
ProjectTypeprojectt_1projectt_1TextThe full description on the type of work that is being performed for the capital project.
Managing AgencymanagingagmanagingagNumberThe agency that manages the project in three letter acronym.
FMSIDfmsidfmsidTextThe unique budget code assigned to the capital project in the citywide Financial Management System (FMS).
FromStreetNamefromstreetfromstreetTextThe nearest cross street from where the capital project is taking place.
ProjectIDprojectidprojectidNumberA unique number assigned to identify a capital project.
LeadAgencyleadagencyleadagencyTextThe primary agency leading the capital project in three letter acronym.
ProjTitleprojtitleprojtitleTextThe full title of the capital project.
OFTCodeoftcodeoftcodeTextA 18 digit code consisting of three 6-digit street codes representing On-From-To streets as returned by GeoSupport functions.
ProjectTypeCodeprojecttypprojecttypTextThe three letter code that identifies the type of work being performed.

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