Street Closures due to construction activities by Intersection

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Street Closures due to construction activities by Intersection

DOT Street Closure data identifies locations in the New York City Street Closure map where a street is subject to a full closure, restricting through traffic, for the purpose of conducting construction related activity on a City street. Details about DOT construction permits can be found at Street Works Manual, Full Closure Permits are issued for a period of time during which the street may be closed to through traffic for only a portion of the time, and open at other times.

Additional information regarding which part of the street and during which period of time it is fully closed is included only on the permit itself.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
PURPOSEpurposepurposeTextType of work being done at location.
WORK_END_DATEwork_end_datework_end_dateTextThe Work End Date is the permit expiration date.
BOROUGH_CODEborough_codeborough_codeTextNew York City is composed of five boroughs, each borough has a code as an identifier. "Code Description: M Manhattan X Bronx B Brooklyn Q Queens S Staten Island "
FROMSTREETNAMEfromstreetnamefromstreetnameTextFrom Street Name refers to the cross street where the lowest house numbers of the on-street begins, or as defined in GOAT.
ONSTREETNAMEonstreetnameonstreetnameTextThe On Street Name as is defined in GOAT, the Department of City Planning Geographic Online Address Translator (GOAT).
NODEIDnodeidnodeidTextThe Node ID is a Department of City Planning LION reference number.
WORK_START_DATEwork_start_datework_start_dateTextThe Work Start Date is the date the permit holder can begin the work.

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