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Taxi Improvement Fund (TIF) Medallion Payments

Taxi Improvement Fund (TIF) Medallion Payments

This is a list of monthly payments made to owners of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) from the Taxi Improvement Fund (TIF). Information is listed by medallion and agent number, and is updated after each payment is distributed from the Taxi Improvement Fund, approximately once per month. For more information see the TIF Owner page (

If you have questions or comments on this data set, please contact the Taxi Improvement Fund Project Team at TIF@TLC.NYC.GOV or visit the TIF Frequently Asked Questions page:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Last Date Updatedlast_date_updatedlast_date_updatedCalendar dateThe date of update
Total Payment Amounttotal_payment_amounttotal_payment_amountTextThe sum of all hackup and operational payments made during the listed payment period.
Hackup Payment Amounthackup_payment_amounthackup_payment_amountTextThe payment the owner or agent received, following successful hackup of a WAV vehicle, during this payment period.
Last Time Updatedlast_time_updatedlast_time_updatedTextThe time of update
Operational Payment Amountoperational_payment_amountoperational_payment_amountTextThe sum of all $1,333 payments, each of which follows a successful tri-annual inspection, the owner or agent received during this payment period.
Payment Datepayment_datepayment_dateCalendar dateThe date payment is sent via ACH transfer to the medallion owner or agent.
License Numberlicense_numberlicense_numberTextThe four character letter/number combination that identifies a unique taxi medallion.
Agent Numberagent_numberagent_numberTextThe five character letter/number combination that identifies the unique agent that manages the listed medallion. Agent numbers are only listed if the agent is receiving TIF payments for the listed medallion.

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