TLC Driver Education 24 Hour Course Providers (Dataset)

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TLC Driver Education 24 Hour Course Providers (Dataset)

This is a list of authorized providers who offer the TLC Driver License 24 hour TLC Driver Education Course and exam. All TLC Driver License applicants must complete the course and pass an 80-question multiple choice exam on a computer with a grade of 70% or higher (you must answer 56 out of 80 questions correctly in order to pass). The course covers the following topics: TLC rules and regulations; geography; safe driving skills; traffic rules; and customer service.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
WebwebwebURLThe website associated with the school
TelephonetelephonetelephoneTextThe telephone number associated with the school
Borough Boundaries:@computed_region_yeji_bk3q:@computed_region_yeji_bk3qNumber
LanguagesOfferedlanguagesofferedlanguagesofferedTextThe languages available that the course is taught in
Location 1 (city)location_1_citylocation_1_cityText
CoursePricecoursepricecoursepriceTextThe price of the course
ContactcontactcontactTextThe contact person, if available, at the school
Census Tractcensus_tractcensus_tractNumber
StatestatestateTextThe state in which the school is located
LatitudelatitudelatitudeTextThe latitude of where the school is located
Zip Codes:@computed_region_efsh_h5xi:@computed_region_efsh_h5xiNumber
Last Updated DatedatedateCalendar dateLast updated date
LongitudelongitudelongitudeTextThe longitude of where the school is located
NumberbuildingnumberbuildingnumberTextThe building number of the street
UnitsuiteaptsuiteaptTextThe suite or apartment in which the school is located
Community Boardcommunity_boardcommunity_boardNumber
StreetstreetnamestreetnameTextThe name of the street where the school is located
Location 1location_1location_1Point
Last Updated TimetimetimeTextLast updated time
SchoolNameschoolnameschoolnameTextThe name of the School
Council Districtcensus_districtcensus_districtNumber
Location 1 (address)location_1_addresslocation_1_addressText
EmailemailemailTextThe email address associated with the school
Location 1 (zip)location_1_ziplocation_1_zipText
City Council Districts:@computed_region_92fq_4b7q:@computed_region_92fq_4b7qNumber
PostcodezipcodezipcodeTextThe associated zip code of the address of the school
Police Precincts:@computed_region_sbqj_enih:@computed_region_sbqj_enihNumber
CitycitycityTextThe city in which the school is located
Community Districts:@computed_region_f5dn_yrer:@computed_region_f5dn_yrerNumber
Location 1 (state)location_1_statelocation_1_stateText

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