Trade Waste Hauler Licensees

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Trade Waste Hauler Licensees

Companies listed as of the most recent export date have been issued trade waste removal licenses by the Business Integrity Commission and, therefore, are authorized to collect and remove all types of trade waste covered by Local Law 42 of 1996.

This data is collected on the entities that apply with the commission to operate as Licensees.

Each record represents an entity that is approved to operate in the City of New York by the Commission.

The Application Type field denotes the class of application 'License' noting the type of applicant which is a Licensee. They are able to pickup all trade waste from various businesses throughout the city.

The BIC Number field is unique to every company that applies to the Commission.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
BIC NUMBERbic_numberbic_numberTextBIC File Number of the Entity
STATEstatestateTextMailing state of entity
ORGANIC WASTE SERVICES PROVIDEDorganic_waste_services_providedorganic_waste_services_providedText
DISPOSITION DATEdisposition_datedisposition_dateText
EFFECTIVE DATEeffective_dateeffective_dateText
BINbinbinTextBIN of mailing address
CENSUS TRACTcensus_tractcensus_tractTextCensus tract based on mailing address
EXPIRATION DATEexpiration_dateexpiration_dateText
ACCOUNT NAMEaccount_nameaccount_nameTextName of Entity
AUTHORIZED RECYCLING COLLECTION TYPEauthorized_recycling_collection_typeauthorized_recycling_collection_typeText
EXPORT DATEexport_dateexport_dateCalendar dateDate data is exported from BIC
COMMUNITY BOARDcommunity_boardcommunity_boardTextCommunity board based on mailing address
NTAntantaTextNTA of mailing address
COUNCIL DISTRICTcouncil_districtcouncil_districtTextCouncil district based on mailing address
LATITUDElatitudelatitudeTextLatitude of mailing address
LONGITUDElongitudelongitudeTextLongitude of mailing address
APPLICATION TYPEapplication_typeapplication_typeTextClass of Trade Waste Application
CITYcitycityTextMailing city of entity
ADDRESSaddressaddressTextMailing address of entity
TRADE NAMEtrade_nametrade_nameTextDoing Business As of Entity
CREATEDcreatedcreatedCalendar dateTimestamp of when data is processed for OpenData
PHONEphonephoneTextPhone number of entity
BBLbblbblTextBBL of mailing address
POSTCODEpostcodepostcodeTextMailing postcode of entity

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