Charity Extension Requests

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Charity Extension Requests

Charitable organization requests for an extension of the deadline for filing a financial report. Data collected by the Colorado Department of State's Charities Program.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
extensionRequestReasonextensionrequestreasonextensionrequestreasonTextReason for extension request
IRSRequires990_990filingstatus_990filingstatusCheckboxDoes IRS require organization to file an exempt organization return?
dateFileddatecreateddatecreatedCalendar dateDate request was created
feinfeinfeinTextFederal Employer Identification Number
namenamenameTextName of the charitable organization, paid solicitor, or professional fundraising consultant.
authorizedOfficerauthorizedofficerauthorizedofficerTextName of person filing document
extendedDueDateextendedduedateextendedduedateCalendar dateNew due date: three months added to renewal date
fiscalYearendfiscalyearendfiscalyearendCalendar dateFiscal year-end
form8868Filedform8868filedform8868filedCheckboxWas form 8868 filed with the IRS?
filesForm990Tform990tcorporationform990tcorporationCheckboxWhether or not the entity files a form 990t.
entityIdentityidentityidTextEntity Id

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