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Consumer Price Index 2014

Consumer Price Index 2014

Consumer Price Index for the state from US Bureau of Labor and Statistics from 1913 to 2014 provided by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
stateFipsstatefipsstatefipsNumberState FIPS code.
areaareaareaNumberSix-digit code assigned to represent a geographic area. Front fill with zeroes.
areaTypeareatypeareatypeNumberCode describing type of geographic area: e.g. county, service delivery area, MSA.
periodperiodperiodNumberPeriod code.
periodYearperiodyearperiodyearNumberCharacter representation of calendar-year (e.g. 2000).
periodTypeperiodtypeperiodtypeNumberCode describing type of period (e.g. Annual, quarterly, monthly, etc.).
periodTypeDescriptionperiodtypedescriptionperiodtypedescriptionTextA description of the period type.
cpicpicpiNumberCPI measure.
titletitletitleTextTitle of the CPI measure.
typetypetypeNumberTwo-digit code assigned to the type of CPI measure.
sourcesourcesourceNumberSource code for cpi data.
cpiSourceDescriptioncpisourcedescriptioncpisourcedescriptionTextDescription of CPI source.
percentChangeYearpercentchangeyearpercentchangeyearNumberThe percent change in the CPI from the period exactly one year ago to the current period.
percentChangeMonthpercentchangemonthpercentchangemonthNumberThe percent change in the CPI from the period exactly one month ago to the current month.
dataRegiondataregiondataregionTextIs the data specific to CO (Denver Metro Region) or the US.
areaNameareanameareanameTextGeographic area name.
areaDescriptionareadescriptionareadescriptionTextNarrative description of a geographic area.

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