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County Areas Collecting State Sales Tax in Colorado

County Areas Collecting State Sales Tax in Colorado

Sales tax rate for specific industries in 51 counties in Colorado as reported by the Department of Revenue. This data set is provided by the Department of Revenue (CDOR).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Use Tax (paid to city or county) applies to:use_tax_paid_to_city_or_countyuse_tax_paid_to_city_or_countyText
Service Fee Allowed Footnotefee_allowed_footnotefee_allowed_footnoteText
Service Fee Allowedservice_fee_allowedservice_fee_allowedNumber
Tax Rate Footnotetax_rate_footnotetax_rate_footnoteText
County Sales Tax Ratecounty_sales_tax_ratecounty_sales_tax_rateNumber
Use Tax Rate Footnoteuse_tax_rate_footnoteuse_tax_rate_footnoteText
Use Tax Rateuse_tax_rateuse_tax_rateText

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