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Gasoline Prices in Colorado

Gasoline Prices in Colorado

Gas prices for every week since 2000, broken down by type, from the US Energy Information Administration (USEIA).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
regularGasPriceregulargaspriceregulargaspriceNumberPrice of regular gasoline per gallon
premiumGasPricepremiumgaspricepremiumgaspriceNumberPrice of premium gasoline per gallon
midgradeGasPricemidgradegaspricemidgradegaspriceNumberPrice of mid-grade gasoline per gallon
allGradesGasPriceallgradesgaspriceallgradesgaspriceNumberThe price for all grades of gasoline per gallon
datedatedateCalendar dateDate of prices, gathered weekly

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