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Highway Traffic Counts in Colorado 2017

Traffic counts on highways and various calculations, from Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), for 2017


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
the_geomthe_geomthe_geomMultiLineAuto generated field containing the geometry of each item. Users note that this field may or may not be completely accurate. It is recommended for the user to run a separate analysis.
OBJECTID_1objectid_1objectid_1NumberCan be disregarded
ROUTErouterouteTextA Unique (3 Number - 1 Letter) Highway Identification Code or Designating for a State Highway, Business Route, U.S. Route or Tolled Facility. Odd numbers typically run North and South and Even numbers typically Run East and West.
REFPTrefptrefptNumberA Linear Reference Number or Address Key (to the Thousandth of a Mile) Representing the Starting Point of a roadway segment. A Unique Landmark Location (not the running measure) or (maybe a one-time true measure) of a roadway segment along a State Route.
ENDREFPTendrefptendrefptNumberA Linear Reference Number or Address Key (to the Thousandth of a Mile) Representing the Ending Point of a roadway Segment. A Unique Landmark Location (not the running measure) or (maybe a one-time true end measure) of a segment along a State Route.
LENGTH_length_length_NumberThe Centerline Segment Length or Segment Distance (in Miles) to the Thousandth of a Mile. Length is the distance from one Road Segment to the next Road Segment. Length is a dimension or measurement that is carried out 3-decimal places.
UPDATEYRupdateyrupdateyrTextThe last calendar year in which the data was updated.
AADTaadtaadtNumberThe annual average daily traffic count for the segment. (Total of all vehicles counted in a year divided by 365 days)
AADTYRaadtyraadtyrTextThe calendar year (YYYY) in which the annual average daily traffic count applies for the highway segment.
COUNTYEARcountyearcountyearTextThe year the data was recorded
AADTDERIVaadtderivaadtderivTextA Domained Value Element (AADTDeriv) indicating the Code Associated with the Factoring Method used in calculating the AADT determination Value.
AADTSINGLEaadtsingleaadtsingleNumberThe AADT consisting of single unit trucks (vehicles larger than pickup trucks built on a single chassis).
AADTCOMBaadtcombaadtcombNumberThe AADT consisting of combination trucks (3 or more axles-single trailer or multiple trailers).
PKTRKpktrkpktrkNumberThe Peak percent of AADT that is composed of trucks of all types. Calculated by taking the number of trucks divided by the AADT
OFFPKTRKoffpktrkoffpktrkNumberThe Off-Peak percent of AADT that is composed of trucks of all types.
YR20FACTORyr20factoryr20factorNumberA traffic forecasting statistic that gives an estimate of AADT for 20 years in the future.
DHVdhvdhvNumberThe 30th highest annual hourly traffic volume expressed as a percentage of AADT
DDddddNumberDirectional Distribution -The percentage of the design hour value flowing in the peak direction.
ROUTECAPACroutecapacroutecapacNumberThe maximum number of vehicles which has a reasonable expectation of passing over a given section of lane or roadway during a given time period under prevailing roadway and traffic conditions per the Highway Capacity Manual.
EDLAedlaedlaNumberEquivalent Daily Load Axle
VCRATIOvcratiovcratioNumberThe hourly traffic volume divided by the capacity of the segment. Thus, the volume/capacity ratio measure can be assumed to measure capacity sufficiency and delay is a measure of the quality of service.
VCRATIO20vcratio20vcratio20NumberThe 20 year projection for the VCRATIO value.
ROADTERRAIroadterrairoadterraiTextA Domained Value Element (terrain 0-3) used to identify the Predominant type of terrain through which the road segment passes as specified by AASHTO.
SEASONALGRseasonalgrseasonalgrTextA Domained Numeric Designation (seasonalGroupID, 1-7) indicating the Coded Value associated with a list of Seasonal Variations used for short term data calculations.
COUNTSTATIcountstaticountstatiTextA 6-Digit Numeric Designation or Identification Number that Represents the Location where Independent Traffic Volume Groups and Data Collection Efforts are being performed on a Road Segment.
CALYRcalyrcalyrTextThe last calendar year in which the data was updated.
PCTPKSUpctpksupctpksuNumberPercentage of AADT for single unit trucks during the Peak Hour.
PCTPKCOMBpctpkcombpctpkcombNumberPercentage of AADT for Combination Trucks During the Peak Hour.
PCTOFFPKSUpctoffpksupctoffpksuNumberPercentage of AADT for Single Unit Trucks During Off-Peak Periods
PCTOFFPKCOpctoffpkcopctoffpkcoNumberPercentage of AADT for Combination Trucks During Off-Peak Periods
AADTTRUCKSaadttrucksaadttrucksNumberAnnual Average Daily Traffic for Trucks
Shape_STLeshape_stleshape_stleNumberLength of Geography item
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