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Master List in Colorado

Master List in Colorado

The master list is a report that contains information from all of the effective financing statements (EFS) that were effective as of the last day of the previous month from the Colorado Department of State (CDOS).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
securedPartysecuredpartysecuredpartyTextSecured party listed on the effective financing statement
debtorAddressdebtoraddressdebtoraddressTextAddress of the debtor on the effective financing statement
cropYearcropyearcropyearTextYears that are covered by the financing statement for the farm product. Listed as ALL if it covers all years
debtorNamedebtornamedebtornameTextName of the individual debtor or debtor organization for the effective financing statement
recordCountyFilingIdrecordcountyfilingidrecordcountyfilingidTextFiling id associated with the county where the record was filed
recordIdrecordidrecordidTextUnique id for record
assigneeassigneeassigneeTextAssignee listed on the effective financing statement
countiescountiescountiesTextCounty or counties where the effective financing statement is valid
debtorIddebtoriddebtoridTextFEIN associated with the debtor for the effective financing statement
additionalDebtorIdadditionaldebtoridadditionaldebtoridTextFEIN associated with additional debtor, if applicable
amendmentIdVerbatimamendmentidverbatimamendmentidverbatimTextFull amendment id field
recordIdVerbatimrecordidverbatimrecordidverbatimTextFull record id field
recordIdDaterecordiddaterecordiddateCalendar dateDate record was filed
amendmentIdamendmentidamendmentidTextFull amendment id fields
recordCountyFilingrecordcountyfilingrecordcountyfilingTextCounty where record was filed
additionalFarmProductadditionalfarmproductadditionalfarmproductTextAdditional farm products associated with the effective financing statement
farmProductfarmproductfarmproductTextFarm product associated with effective financing statement
additionalDebtorsadditionaldebtorsadditionaldebtorsTextAdditional debtors, if applicable, listed on the effective financing statement

Upstream Metadata