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Population Estimates by Year for Counties in Colorado 2015

Annual population estimates for each year by county for the state of Colorado, from US Census Bureau, from 1900 to 2015 provided by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
stateabbrvstateabbrvstateabbrvTextThe two letter state abbreviation.
statenamestatenamestatenameTextState name or USA.
stfipsstfipsstfipsNumberField Description: State FIPS code.
areanameareanameareanameTextGeographic area name.
areatypeareatypeareatypeNumberCode describing type of geographic area: e.g. county, service delivery area, MSA.
areatynameareatynameareatynameTextDescriptive title of the areatype.
areaareaareaNumberSix-digit code assigned to represent a geographic area. Front fill with zeroes.
periodyearperiodyearperiodyearNumberCharacter representation of calendar-year (e.g. 2000).
periodtypeperiodtypeperiodtypeNumberCode describing type of period (e.g. Annual, quarterly, monthly, etc.).
pertypdescpertypdescpertypdescTextA description of the period type.
periodperiodperiodNumberPeriod code. Will be set to '00' where periodtype is annual.
popsourcepopsourcepopsourceNumberSource Code for population data.
popsrcdescpopsrcdescpopsrcdescTextDescription of population source.
populationpopulationpopulationNumberNumber representing the population total for the specified geographic area and time period.
releasedatereleasedatereleasedateCalendar dateRelease Date
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