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Retail Reports by City in Colorado

Retail Reports by City in Colorado

Number of returns, gross sales, retail sales, state net taxable sales, retailers, and state sales tax summarized monthly by city from the Colorado Department of Revenue.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
state_sales_taxstate_sales_taxstate_sales_taxNumberstate sales tax
num_returnsnum_returnsnum_returnsNumberNumber of returns
yearyearyearNumberyear of record
state_net_taxable_salesstate_net_taxable_salesstate_net_taxable_salesNumberstate net taxable sales
num_retailersnum_retailersnum_retailersNumberNumber of retailers.
monthmonthmonthNumbermonth of record
citycitycityTextCity in Colorado
retail_salesretail_salesretail_salesNumberretail sales
gross_salesgross_salesgross_salesNumbergross sales

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