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Road Attributes in Colorado 2016

Road attributes including number of lanes, surface type, roughness factor, etc since 1970 from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
TOMEAStomeastomeasNumberA Linear Reference Number or Address Key (to the Thousandth of a Mile) Representing the Ending Point of a roadway Segment. Based on a validated run-length measure of a segment along a Route.
GUIDguidguidTextA 36 character string that uniquely identifies a feature or table row within a geodatabase and across geodatabases.
COUNTSTATIONIDcountstationidcountstationidNumberA 6-Digit Numeric Designation or Identification Number that Represents the Location where Independent Traffic Volume Groups and Data Collection Efforts are being performed on a Road Segment.
GISIDgisidgisidTextA Unique but flexible Feature Identifier generated by Concatenating (FIPS, Route and SegmID) used as foreign key by ArcMap. (Yearly Derived).
FROMFEATUREfromfeaturefromfeatureTextA referenced beginning point of a road segment.
TERRAINterrainterrainNumberA Domained Value Element (terrain 0-3) used to identify the Predominant type of terrain through which the road segment passes as specified by AASHTO.
STRIDstridstridTextA Unique Structure Identification Code that is Associated to an Interchange, an Intersection, Roadway Crossing, Anchor or Node.
ADMINCLASSadminclassadminclassNumberA Domained Value Element (adminClass, 0-9) used to identify the Type of Administrative Class to which the roadway segment has been assigned.
FIPSCOUNTYfipscountyfipscountyNumberA Domained 3-Digit County Code (FIPS, DisplayValue) that Identifies the County in which the individual record is located. (Assigned based on Federal Information Processing Standards).
ROUTErouterouteTextA Unique (3 Number - 1 Letter) Highway Identification Code or Designating for a State Highway, Business Route, U.S. Route or Tolled Facility. Odd numbers typically run North and South and Even numbers typically Run East and West.
THRULNQTYthrulnqtythrulnqtyNumberThe prevailing number of lanes carrying through traffic in both directions of Traffic, excluding, parking, turning, auxiliary, climbing, acceleration or deceleration lanes.
ROUTESIGNQUALroutesignqualroutesignqualNumberA Domained Value Element (routeSignQual) that indicates if the particular segment of road is designated as being a Business Route, Bypass, Alternate Route, Loop, Spur etc.
PRITREATMENTDEPTHpritreatmentdepthpritreatmentdepthNumberThickness of the most recent pavement overlay to the nearest .0.5 inch
PRIIRIpriiripriiriNumberInternational roughness index (IRI) correlates somewhat with human exposure to whole-body vibration in vehicles and thus to perceived ride quality reading for the surface condition in the Primary Direction of Travel.
LRSROUTElrsroutelrsrouteTextA Unique Route Identification Code used in the run-length based LRS that is submitted to HPMS
TRKRESTRICTtrkrestricttrkrestrictNumberA Domained Value Element (trkRestrict 0-1) used to identify a Road Segment that has been Designated as a Truck Route under Federal Regulatory Authority in 23 CFR 658.
INSPYRinspyrinspyrNumberA 4-Digit Number that Represents the Last recorded Year that that a CDOT field Inspection was Done.
PRIPSIpripsipripsiNumberPresent Serviceability Index rating measures the longitudinal roughness, patch work, rutting and cracking within a road segment in the Primary Direction of Travel.
PRISURFprisurfprisurfNumberA Domained Value Code (SurfaceType) an indicator of the type of material used in the construction of the roadway driving surface as defined by FWHA.
LENGTH_length_length_NumberThe Centerline Segment Length or Segment Distance (in Miles) to the Thousandth of a Mile. Length is the distance from one Road Segment to the next Road Segment. Length is a dimension or measurement that is carried out 3-decimal places.
PRISURFWDprisurfwdprisurfwdNumberTotal width of the driving surface, in whole feet, for the primary direction of traffic. (Legacy Attribution).
FIPSfipsfipsNumberA Domained Value Element (FIPS) Federal Information Processing Standard used to identify uniquely identify citys and counties equivalents in the United States, certain U.S. possessions, and certain freely associated states.
UPDATEYRupdateyrupdateyrNumberThe Last Calendar year for which the data applies.
SEGMIDsegmidsegmidNumberA number that describes an individual segment within a Route.
POPULATIONpopulationpopulationNumberA Domained Numeric Element (population, 1-4) established by the U.S. Bureau of Census, which categorizes a geographic area by the population count. Rural/Urban.
GOVLEVELgovlevelgovlevelNumberA Domained Value Element (govLevel 1-80) that Indicates the level of government responsible for the naming of the segment of the road and establish traffic controls on the segment as defined by FHWA.
FUNCCLASSIDfuncclassidfuncclassidNumberA Domained Value Element (funcClassID) that Indicates the functional category and usage limitations of the segment of road, as defined by FHWA, and is broken down between rural and urban areas.
FundIDfundidfundidTextunknown, local or NonQual. Funding source: Local, Federal, or non-qualifying.
PROJYRprojyrprojyrNumberThe Project Improvement Year is used by FHWA as part of HPMS to track the Year of Record on Reconstructed Road Segments, Re-Aligned Road Segments and the Surface Improvement Activities on Road Segments.
SPECIALSYSspecialsysspecialsysNumberA Domained Value Element (specialSys 0-2) used to code the special funding categories in which some existing and open to traffic highway segments fall. These special systems are separate and distinct from those outlined in previously defined fields.
ACCESS_access_access_NumberA Domained Value Code (access) used to identify the type of Access Control assigned to a Road Segment as defined by FHWA.
ISDIVIDEDisdividedisdividedTextIs the roadway segment predominately divided by a positive median. For future collection]
ROUTESIGNroutesignroutesignNumberA Domained Value Element (routeSign) that Indicates a type of Interstate, State or U.S. Highway or Business Route relative to the manner in which it is signed.
SEGMPREFIXsegmprefixsegmprefixTextOne of four directional road name prefixes: East, West, South, North.
OPERATIONoperationoperationNumberA Domained Value Element (operation) that Identifies a Roadway as a One-Way or Two-Way Operation, Bridge, Tunnel or Causeway.
RRXIDrrxidrrxidTextAn identifier assigned to the railroad crossing by the Federal Rail Administration to identify the crossing.
FROMMEASfrommeasfrommeasNumberA Linear Reference Number or Address Key (to the Thousandth of a Mile) Representing the Starting Point of a roadway
NAAQSIDnaaqsidnaaqsidNumberA Domained Value Element (NAAQSID) used to identify whether the Road Segment is within an EPA designated nonattainment area.
REGIONregionregionNumberA Domained Value Element (Region: 1-6) used to identify the Engineering Region number in which the Road Segment is located.
PRIYRREHABpriyrrehabpriyrrehabTextYear roadway segment was rehabilitated with pavement overlay
SEGMDIRsegmdirsegmdirTextA General Running Direction of the Road segment heading to North, NorthEast, NorthWest, South, SouthEast, SouthWest, East or West.
PRITHRULNWDprithrulnwdprithrulnwdNumberThe predominate width of the lane carrying through traffic in both directions of Traffic, excluding, parking, turning, auxiliary, climbing, acceleration or deceleration lanes.
FORESTROUTEforestrouteforestrouteNumberA numbering system established by the U.S. Forest Service to identify national Forest access roads.
TPRIDtpridtpridNumberThe Transportation Planning District (1-15) in which the individual record is located.
ROUTENAMEroutenameroutenameTextThe complete locally designated name of the roadway segment.
TOFEATUREtofeaturetofeatureTextThe ending intersecting road of the street segment.
JURSPLITjursplitjursplitNumberDenotes a Road Segment with a shared Maintenance Agreement.
NHSDESIGnhsdesignhsdesigNumberA Domained Value Element (NHSDesig: 0-9) used to identify whether the Road Segment is designated as being part of the National Highway System.
URBANurbanurbanNumberA Domained 5-Digit Numeric Code (urban) that Indicates if the Road Segment is within an Urban Boundary as established by the U.S. Bureau of census, which categorizes a geographic area by the population count.
PRIIRIDATEpriiridatepriiridateTextThe calendar year for which the IRI applies on the Primary Direction of Travel.
BUILTYRbuiltyrbuiltyrNumberThe Year of Original Roadway Construction or the Year of the Last Major Change in Roadway Re-Construction.
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