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Road Traffic Counts in Colorado 2018

Road Traffic Counts in Colorado 2018

Traffic counts on public roads under local jurisdiction in 2018. Provided by the CDOT.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
GISIDgisidgisidTextA Unique but flexible Feature Identifier generated by Concatenating (FIPS, Route and SegmID) used as foreign key by ArcMap. (Yearly Derived).
FIPSfipsfipsTextA 3-digit or 5-digit Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) code that is used to uniquely identify city and county equivalents in the United States, certain U.S. possessions, and certain freely associated states.
ROUTErouterouteTextThe number designating the State Route, including a section identifier designated by a letter for the State database. This is what the local jurisdiction owners call their routes/streets. These are not CDOT administered. No lookup or dictionary.
SEGMIDsegmidsegmidNumberA number that describes an individual segment within a Route. Associated roads are broken into logical segments for record keeping
SEG_LENGTHseg_lengthseg_lengthNumberLength of segment in miles
FIPSCOUNTYfipscountyfipscountyTextA Domained 3-Digit County Code (FIPS, DisplayValue) that Identifies the County in which the individual record is located. (Assigned based on Federal Information Processing Standards).
ROUTENAMEroutenameroutenameTextThe complete locally designated name of the roadway segment.
FROM_DESCRfrom_descrfrom_descrTextthis segment starts from this landmark
SEGMDIRsegmdirsegmdirTextA General Running Direction of the Road segment heading to North, NorthEast, North West, South, SouthEast, SouthWest, East or West.
TO_DESCRto_descrto_descrTextthis segment ends at this landmark
FUNCCLASSIfuncclassifuncclassiTextA Domained Value Element (funcClassID) that Indicates the functional category and usage limitations of the segment of road, as defined by FHWA, and is broken down between rural and urban areas.
ADMINCLASSadminclassadminclassTextA Domained Value Element (adminClass, 0-9) used to identify the Type of Administrative Class to which the roadway segment has been assigned.
HPMSIDhpmsidhpmsidTextA unique 12-character identifier for the sample section. ID used by the federal Highway Performance Monitoring System program -
SURF_TYPEsurf_typesurf_typeTextAn indication of the type of material used in the construction of the surface of the road in the direction of increasing mileposts which is generally west to east, and south to north. 1 Bladed (dirt smoothed by grader), 2 Gravel, 3 Paved
SURFNAMEsurfnamesurfnameTextField Description:Name of the surface type (3 Concrete; 16 Soil, Gravel, or Stone; 15 Graded & Drained; 14 Unimproved; 11 Other; 1 Asphalt)
SURFWDsurfwdsurfwdNumberTotal width of the driving surface, in whole feet, for the primary direction of traffic. (Legacy Attribution).
PSIpsipsiNumberPresent Serviceability Index rating measures the longitudinal roughness, patch work, rutting and cracking within a road segment in the Primary Direction of Travel. Serviceability is quantified by the Present Serviceability Index, PSI. Although PSI theoretically ranges between 5 and 0, the actual range for real pavements is between about 4.5 to 1.5. – The 24 could be an error.
IRIiriiriNumberPrimary International roughness index (IRI) correlates somewhat with human exposure to whole-body vibration in vehicles and thus to perceived ride quality reading for the surface condition in the Primary Direction of Travel. Values not available.
THRULNQTYthrulnqtythrulnqtyNumberThe prevailing number of lanes carrying through traffic in the in both directions of Traffic, excluding, parking, turning, auxiliary, climbing, acceleration or deceleration lanes.
OPERATIONoperationoperationTextA Domained Value Element (operation) that Identifies a Roadway as a One-Way or Two-Way Operation, Bridge, Tunnel or Causeway.
URBANurbanurbanTextneed clarification, some values null, some 0 A Domained 5-Digit Numeric Code (urban) that Indicates if the Road Segment is within an Urban Boundary as established by the U.S. Bureau of census, which categorizes a geographic area by the population count. 0 and null both mean non-Urban.
POPULATIONpopulationpopulationTextA Domained Numeric Element (population, 1-4) established by the U.S. Bureau of Census, which categorizes a geographic area by the population count. Rural/Urban.
NHSDESIGnhsdesignhsdesigTextA Domained Value Element (NHSDesig: 0-9) used to identify whether the Road Segment is designated as being part of the National Highway System. Some rows in Major Roads will have these populated; Local Roads do not typically carry this data.
SPECIALSYSspecialsysspecialsysTextA Domained Value Element (specialSys 0-2) used to code the special funding categories in which some existing and open to traffic highway segments fall. These special systems are separate and distinct from those outlined in previously defined fields. Some rows in Major Roads will have these populated; Local Roads do not typically carry this data.
GOVLEVELgovlevelgovlevelTextA Domained Value Element (govLevel 1-80) that Indicates the level of government responsible for the naming of the segment of the road and establish traffic controls on the segment as defined by Federal Highway Act/Administration (FHWA).
AADTaadtaadtNumberThe annual average daily traffic count for the segment. (Total of all vehicles counted in a year divided by 365 days)
AADTYRaadtyraadtyrTextThe calendar year (YYYY) in which the annual average daily traffic count applies for the highway segment.
AADTDERIVaadtderivaadtderivTextA Domained Value Element (AADTDeriv) indicating the Code Associated with the Factoring Method used in calculating the AADT determination Value.
COUNTSTATIcountstaticountstatiTextA 6-Digit Numeric Designation or Identification Number that Represents the Location where Independent Traffic Volume Groups and Data Collection Efforts are being performed on a Road Segment.
BUILTYRbuiltyrbuiltyrTextThe Year of Original Roadway Construction or the Year of the Last Major Change in Roadway Re-Construction.
JURSPLITjursplitjursplitTextDenotes a Road Segment with a shared Maintenance Agreement.
FORESTROUTforestroutforestroutTextA numbering system established by the U.S. Forest Service to identify national Forest access roads.
LRSROUTElrsroutelrsrouteTextLinear Referencing System CDOT internal placeholder fields
FundIDfundidfundidTextunknown, local or NonQual. Funding source: Local, Federal, or non-qualifying.

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