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All City Funds

All City Funds

Current balances of all Funds for the City of Los Angeles. Includes General Fund, Reserve Fund, Budget Stabilization Fund, and Special Funds. Upated daily, Monday through Friday.

For figures pertaining to Fiscal Year 2018, view the "All City Funds - FY18" dataset at


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Capital Projectcapital_projectcapital_projectTextDoes this Fund have any Capital Projects?
Overhead Costs Reimbursement Eligibilityoverhead_costs_reimbursement_eligibilityoverhead_costs_reimbursement_eligibilityTextFund is subject to overhead reimbursement costs
Fund Categoryfund_categoryfund_categoryTextGeneral Fund, Special Fund, or Proprietary
Replacement Of General Funds Allowedreplacement_of_general_funds_allowedreplacement_of_general_funds_allowedTextReplacement of General Fund is allowed
Grant Projectgrant_projectgrant_projectTextIs the fund associated with a grant?
Total Budgettotal_budgettotal_budgetNumberTotal budget
FunctionfunctionfunctionTextArts/Culture/Tourism, Debt Service, Economic Development, Sanitation & Environment, Other, Housing & Homelessness, Parks, Public Safety, Public Works, Social Services, Streets, or Transportation
Last Expense Recordedlast_expense_recordedlast_expense_recordedTextLast expense transaction recorded
Adopted Budgetadopted_budgetadopted_budgetNumberBudget adopted by the Mayor and City Council
Council File Numbercouncil_file_numbercouncil_file_numberTextCity Council file number authorizing the fund
Contact Telephonecontact_telephonecontact_telephoneTextContact's telephone number
Fund Groupfund_groupfund_groupTextFiduciary, Governmental, or Proprietary
Inactive Fund - Closeinactive_fund_closeinactive_fund_closeTextIs this an inactive fund? Default is no
AssetsassetsassetsNumber(A) Total Assets include Cash, Grant Receivables, and Other Assets
General Fund Reversiongeneral_fund_reversiongeneral_fund_reversionTextIs the fund subject to General Fund reversion?
LiabilitiesliabilitiesliabilitiesNumber(B) Total Liabilities against the fund
Budget Schedule Namebudget_schedule_namebudget_schedule_nameTextName of the budget schedule found in the City's budget
Current Cash Balancecurrent_cash_balancecurrent_cash_balanceNumberCash Balance
Fund Purposefund_purposefund_purposeTextPurpose and intent of the fund
Eligible Useseligible_useseligible_usesTextEligible uses for the fund
Sources of Fundssources_of_fundssources_of_fundsTextRevenue source for this fund
Fund Numberfund_numberfund_numberTextFinancial Management System fund number
Fund Namefund_namefund_nameTextFinancial Management System fund name
Collected Revenuecollected_revenuecollected_revenueNumberRevenue collected in the current fiscal year
Council File Linkcouncil_file_linkcouncil_file_linkTextCouncil file link information
Budget Schedule Numberbudget_schedule_numberbudget_schedule_numberTextFunds with a schedule number have revenue and expenditure budgets reviewed and approved by the Mayor and City Council. Funds without a schedule number are considered "off-budget" since their budgets are not reviewed and approved by the Mayor and City Council.
Budget Amendmentsbudget_amendmentsbudget_amendmentsNumberAmendments to the budget adopted by the Mayor and City Council
Fund Typefund_typefund_typeTextAgency, Capital Projects, Debt Service, Enterprise, General Fund, Pension Trust, General Long Term Debt Group, or Special Revenue
Council Districtcouncil_districtcouncil_districtTextCity Council District
Administering Departmentadministering_departmentadministering_departmentTextDepartment administering the fund
Beginning Cashbeginning_cashbeginning_cashNumberBeginning cash balance for the fiscal year
Cash Expensescash_expensescash_expensesNumberCash disbursed in the current fiscal year
Other Cash Changesother_cash_changesother_cash_changesNumberNet of other transactions that increase or decrease the cash balance
Fund Balancefund_balancefund_balanceNumber(C) where (C=A-B) - Total Assets minus Total Liabilities
Fund Effective Datefund_effective_datefund_effective_dateTextFund effective since
Ordinance Numberordinance_numberordinance_numberTextOrdinance number used to establish the fund
Code Sectioncode_sectioncode_sectionTextAdministrative Code section
Interest To General Fundinterest_to_general_fundinterest_to_general_fundTextInterest eligible for the General Fund?
Contact Namecontact_namecontact_nameTextDepartmental contact name
Contact Emailcontact_emailcontact_emailTextContact's email address

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