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Environmental Monitoring Results for Radiation

Environmental Monitoring Results for Radiation

  • Reporting unit of monitoring results is millirem where 1 millirem = 1 thousandth (10-3) of a Rem as defined in Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies Section 19-24-4.

  • Monitoring results below the minimum measurable quantity for the monitoring period are recorded as “M.”

  • Quarterly results reflect total integrated gamma exposure received within a calendar 3-month time frame.

  • Environmental monitoring results are reported on a calendar quarterly basis:

• 1st Quarter: January, February, March

• 2nd Quarter: April, May, June

• 3rd Quarter: July, August, September

• 4th Quarter: October, November, December

  • Data Quality Disclaimer:

This database is for informational use and is not a controlled quality database. Efforts have been made to ensure accuracy of data in the database; however, errors and omissions may occur.

Examples of potential errors include:

• Data entry errors.

• Monitoring results not reported for entry into the database.

• Missing results due to equipment failure or unable to retrieve monitors due to lost or environmental hazards.

• Translation errors – the data has been migrated to a newer data platform, and there have been errors and data losses.

  • Environmental Monitoring Records are from the year 2008 until present. Prior to 2008 results are stored in hardcopy, in a non-database format.

Requests for monitor results prior to 2008 or results subject to quality assurance are available from archived records and can be made through the DEEP Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) administrator at deep.foia@ct.gov. Information on FOIA requests can be found on the DEEP website (https://portal.ct.gov/deep)

FOIA Administrator

Office of the Commissioner

Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

79 Elm Street, 3rd Floor

Hartford, CT 06106


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Monitor Numberparticpant_numberparticpant_numberTextA unique number assigned to the monitor
LocationlocationlocationTextLocation to where the monitor is assigned
Quarterly Integrated Gamma Exposurequarter_to_date_ddequarter_to_date_ddeTextThe integrated gamma exposure received for the monitoring quarter specified
Quarterquarter_to_datequarter_to_dateTextThe calendar quarter being reported
Yearyear_to_dateyear_to_dateTextThe calendar year being reported

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