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311 Service Requests for Fiscal Year 2016 - 2017 Obstruction

311 Service Requests for Fiscal Year 2016 - 2017 Obstruction

There are over 400 service requests types that are reported in the 311 system that affect the quality of life of our citizens, neighborhoods, and communities. The most popular service requests include but are not limited to animal services requests, high weeds, junk motor vehicles, and a number of other code compliance-related issues. Requests that deal with streets and mobility such as street and pot hole repair are also very common. 311 also receives requests to address environmental issues such as water conservation and air quality complaints.

This dataset represents all Service Requests for the fiscal year time period of October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Lat Long Location (address)lat_long_location_addresslat_long_location_addressText
Lat Long Location (state)lat_long_location_statelat_long_location_stateText
Unique Keyprc_instance_idprc_instance_idNumberInternal Key
Lat Long Location (city)lat_long_location_citylat_long_location_cityText
X Coordinatex_coordinatex_coordinateNumberDenotes a point where (x axis) horizontal lines intersect on a map
Outcomeprc_outcome_descprc_outcome_descTextDocuments the action taken on a service request
Closed Dateclosed_dateclosed_dateCalendar dateDate the service request was completed
Update Dateupdated_dateupdated_dateCalendar dateDate the service request was last updated with new information or activity
Service Request Typeprc_type_descprc_type_descTextObstruction type of complaint submitted by customer or service offered by the City
City Council Districtcity_council_districtcity_council_districtNumberGeographical borderlines for legislative representation throughout the city
Addresslocation_display_namelocation_display_nameTextStreet Address
Service Request Numbersr_numbersr_numberTextUnique ID given to each documented request for a city service; the first two digits designate the last two digits of the calendar year the service request was created (e.g., 16 = 2016)
Lat Long Locationlat_long_locationlat_long_locationPointDenotes a location point on a longitude line (perpendicular to the equator) and latitude line (parallel to the equator)
Dallas City Limits GIS Layer:@computed_region_2f7u_b5gs:@computed_region_2f7u_b5gsNumber
Council Districts--Test:@computed_region_sjyw_rtbm:@computed_region_sjyw_rtbmNumber
Lat Long Location (zip)lat_long_location_ziplat_long_location_zipText
Overall Service Request Due Dateoverall_service_request_due_dateoverall_service_request_due_dateCalendar dateThe service request and all activities should be completed by the listed date
Prioritypriority_descpriority_descTextDenotes the precedence of how a service request will be handled
Method Received Descriptionmethod_received_descmethod_received_descTextMode in which 311 receives the request for service
Departmentres_department_descres_department_descTextCity Departments and Offices
Y Coordinatey_coordinatey_coordinateNumberDenotes a point where vertical (y axis) lines intersect on a map
Statusstatus_descstatus_descTextDenotes whether a service request is currently being actively worked or has been resolved
ERT (Estimated Response Time)ert_estimated_response_timeert_estimated_response_timeNumberThe time allotted for the initial inspection and/or assessment. (There may be variance from department to department concerning calendar versus business days.)
Created Datecreated_datecreated_dateCalendar dateDate the service request was created

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