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Animal Field Data Fiscal Year 2020 - 2021

This dataset is pulled directly from Dallas Animal Services' Chameleon Database, which is used to track shelter and field operations, animal inventory and movement, animal intake and outcome, animal medical records, animal behavior observations, and animal microchip information. This dataset reflects data from October 1, 2020 to current-date and will close September 30, 2021. Data is subject to correction after the fact if data entry errors are detected or changes are made to fields within the database and therefore, data can have slight variances over time. Dallas Animal Services (DAS) will not be responsible for any error or omission, or for the use of, or the results obtained from the use of this dataset. DAS publishes official monthly data fact sheets with verified data on its website at www.bedallas90.org.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Officer_IDofficer_idofficer_idTextUnique number assigned to every Animal Service Officer in Database.
Cancel_Reasoncancel_reasoncancel_reasonTextReason an activity was cancelled.
User_IDuser_iduser_idTextUnique ID number assigned to the staff person who entered the record.
Activity_Quantity_4activity_quantity_4activity_quantity_4NumberCount of the respective result field (Activity Result 4)
Street_Addressstreet_addressstreet_addressTextFull address of the location in which the activity or service request occurred.
Animal_Intake_IDanimal_intake_idanimal_intake_idTextUnique number assigned to each animal when their record is created in the database.
Activity_Quantity_2activity_quantity_2activity_quantity_2NumberCount of the respective result field (Activity Result 2)
Created_Date_Timecreated_date_timecreated_date_timeCalendar dateDate and time a record was created.
citycitycityTextThe city in which an activity or service request occurred.
Activity_Result_3activity_result_3activity_result_3TextNotes for work completed
MapscomapscomapscoTextUnique code used in GIS mapping to more accurately identify a location.
Activity_Result_1activity_result_1activity_result_1TextNotes for work completed
Council_Districtcouncil_districtcouncil_districtNumberUnique area mapped out by the City of Dallas that is represented by a specific City Council Office and Member.
Activity_Quantity_3activity_quantity_3activity_quantity_3NumberCount of the respective result field (Activity Result 3)
Activity_subtypeactivity_subtypeactivity_subtypeTextSub-category that further narrows the purpose of the activity or service request.
Census_Tractcensus_tractcensus_tractNumberUnique area mapped out by the federal government for purposes of the census.
Activity_Result_5activity_result_5activity_result_5TextNotes for work completed
StatestatestateTextThe state in which an activity or service request occurred.
Final_Activity_Quantityfinal_activity_quantityfinal_activity_quantityNumberCount of the respective result field (Final Activity Result)
Street_Directionstreet_directionstreet_directionTextDirection of the street on which the activity or service request occurred.
Call_Date_Timecall_date_timecall_date_timeCalendar dateDate and time a call was received.
Street_Typestreet_typestreet_typeTextIdentifies the kind of street on which the activity or service request occurred (ex. Drive or avenue).
Activity_Quantity_1activity_quantity_1activity_quantity_1NumberCount of the respective result field (Activity Result 1)
Animal_Countanimal_countanimal_countNumberNumber of animals involved in a specific activity or service request.
ApartmentapartmentapartmentTextThe unit number at the address where a service request or activity occurred.
Activity_Sequenceactivity_sequenceactivity_sequenceNumberSequence starts with 1 usually then a follow up sequence is created until activity is completed.
Service_Request_Numberservice_request_numberservice_request_numberTextUnique number assigned to a service request by Salesforce when it is submitted by a resident through 3-1-1.
Activity_Result_2activity_result_2activity_result_2TextNotes for work completed
Working_Dateworking_dateworking_dateTextDate and time officer started working on the assigned activity
Street_Numberstreet_numberstreet_numberNumberHouse, apartment, or building number at which the activity or service request occurred.
Street_Namestreet_namestreet_nameTextStreet on which the activity or service request occurred.
MonthmonthmonthTextMonth the record was created.
Activity_Statusactivity_statusactivity_statusTextStatus used to track progress of activity.
Final_Citation_Quantityfinal_citation_quantityfinal_citation_quantityNumberCount of the citations for Activity or SR Number
Final_Activity_Resultfinal_activity_resultfinal_activity_resultTextNotes for work completed
Activity_Numberactivity_numberactivity_numberTextUnique number assigned to an activity related to a service request.
Complete_Datecomplete_datecomplete_dateCalendar dateDate the activity was completed.
Activity_Priorityactivity_priorityactivity_priorityNumberPriority assigned to the activity or service request based on pre-determined guidelines reflecting the urgency of the matter.
Zip_Codezip_codezip_codeNumberThe five digit zip code in which an activity or service request occurred.
Tag_Numbertag_numbertag_numberTextUnique number assigned to a microchip implanted in an animal for identification.
Activity_Typeactivity_typeactivity_typeTextCategory that identifies the purpose of the activity or service request.
YearyearyearTextCity of Dallas Fiscal Year the record was created.
Dispatch_Datedispatch_datedispatch_dateTextDate and time activity was dispatched.
Animal_Typeanimal_typeanimal_typeTextAnimal category: dog, cat, wildlife, other, etc.
Animal_Descriptionanimal_descriptionanimal_descriptionTextField in which DAS Staff can enter notes related to the appearance of the animal involved in a service request or activity.
Activity_Result_4activity_result_4activity_result_4TextNotes for work completed
Activity_Quantity_5activity_quantity_5activity_quantity_5NumberCount of the respective result field (Activity Result 5)
Activity_Commentactivity_commentactivity_commentTextAdditional staff notes.
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