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Dallas City Council Voting Record

Dallas City Council Voting Record

This report is a summary based on the votes cast by members of the City Council and the final results of that voting. Detail includes meeting date, item description, member name/district, vote cast (YES/NO), or reason for not voting: abstain due to conflict (ABSTAIN); absent when vote taken (AWVT); absent on city business (ABSNT-CB); absent for personal reasons (ABSNT). This report can be sorted to preference of the viewer.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
VOTE_IDvote_idvote_idTextAgenda Type, Item Number, and Council District
FINAL ACTION TAKENfinal_action_takenfinal_action_takenTextFull Agenda Item Subject
AGENDA_ITEM_NUMBERagenda_item_numberagenda_item_numberTextNumber assigned to item on Agenda
DATEdatedateCalendar dateCouncil meeting date
AGENDA_IDagenda_idagenda_idTextAgenda Date, Type, and Item Number
VOTER NAMEvoter_namevoter_nameTextName of Councilmember
DISTRICTdistrictdistrictNumberCouncil District
VOTE CASTvotevoteTextVote of Councilmember
ITEM_TYPEitem_typeitem_typeTextAgenda or Addendum
TITLEtitletitleTextTitle of Councilmember
AGENDA ITEM DESCRIPTIONagenda_item_descriptionagenda_item_descriptionTextFull Agenda Item Subject

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