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ACT Road Crash Data

ACT Road Crash Data

<b>DATASET DISCLAIMER: Spatial location of road crashes within the ACT since 2012 which have been reported by the Police or the Public through the AFP Crash Report Form. This dataset only represents crashes that have been reported using the AFP Crash Report Form, and any crashes which have been reported through other channels are not displayed within this dataset.

Note that this data may not represent the exact spatial location of each reported road crash, as the points of each crash are purely indicative of the intersection or midblock location as indicated by the point attributes. Crashes are reviewed on an annual basis, so the existing data may change over time as a result of this review.</b>


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
CRASH_DIRECTIONcrash_directioncrash_directionTextDirection of travel at location of crash
LATITUDEyyNumberLatitude coordinate for spatial location of crash
LONGITUDExxNumberLongitude coordinate for spatial location of crash
CRASH_TIMEcrash_timecrash_timeTextReported approximate time of crash
Location (city)location_citylocation_cityText
MIDBLOCKmidblockmidblockTextIndicates whether the crash occurred within a road midblock
CRASH_DATEcrash_datecrash_dateCalendar dateReported date of crash
SUBURB_LOCATIONsuburb_locationsuburb_locationTextSuburb/Rural Division location of crash
Location (state)location_statelocation_stateText
Location (zip)location_ziplocation_zipText
Location (address)location_addresslocation_addressText
WEATHER_CONDITIONweather_conditionweather_conditionTextWeather condition at the time of the crash
INTERSECTIONintersectionintersectionTextIndicates whether the crash occurred at an intersection
CRASH_IDcrash_idcrash_idTextUnique Identifier for Crash
Zip Codes:@computed_region_m3s3_eev9:@computed_region_m3s3_eev9Number
ROAD_CONDITIONroad_conditionroad_conditionTextLevel of moisture on road at time of crash
CRASH_SEVERITYcrash_severitycrash_severityTextLevel of severity for crash
LIGHTING_CONDITIONlighting_conditionlighting_conditionTextLevel of lighting present at the time of the crash

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