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Notifiable Invoices Register

Notifiable Invoices Register

In accordance with the Government Procurement Act 2001, from 1 July 2015, the Government is publishing relevant information about its notifiable invoices. The requirement is consistent with Open Government and applies to all Territory entities. The Notifiable Invoices Register, in conjunction with the ACT Government Contracts Register provides transparency about Government purchasing to the community.

Notifiable Invoices are invoices with a value of $25,000 or more for goods, services or works received by the Territory or a Territory entity.  The Territory publishes details of notifiable invoices within 21 days after the end of the month in which the invoice was paid.

For reporting from July 1 2017, the Territory will be including date invoice received in the notifiable invoices register.  A number of points should be taken into account when using this information:

  • For the June 2017 reporting period, this field is the date that a valid invoice was received by the responsible Territory entity, however in small number of cases, it relates to the date the invoices was initially entered into the financial processing system of the Territory entity where known.

  • A small proportion of notifiable invoices do not have date received information recorded.  This is due to a variety of reasons including some cases of scheduled payments under agreements or contracts not having an explicit invoice received date, and several reporting entities not yet being able to transmit to the Territory central finance system the date invoice received.

Reporting Entity Key

ACT Compulsory Third-Party Insurance Regulator

ACTIA : ACT Insurance Authority

CMTEDD : Chief Minister, Treasury, Economic Development Directorate

CMTEDD-ACTP : Capital Works

CMTEDD-ED : Economic Development

CMTEDD-SPA : Superannuation Provision Account

CMTEDD-SS : Shared Services

CMTEDD-TBA : Territory Banking Account

CSD : Community Services Directorate

CSD-Housing Housing ACT

Cultural Facilities Corporation

Default Insurance Fund

ED : Education Directorate

ED-CIT : Canberra Institute of Technology

EPSDD : Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate

EPSDD-SLA : Suburban Land Authority

HD : Health Directorate

JACSD : Justice and Community Safety Directorate

Legal Aid Commission

Long Service Leave Authority

Office of the Legislative Assembly

TCCS : Transport Canberra and City Services


TCCS-CMA : Capital Metro Agency


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Payment Amountpayment_amountpayment_amountNumber
Supplier ABNsupplier_abnsupplier_abnText
Date Invoice Receiveddate_invoice_receiveddate_invoice_receivedCalendar date
Payment Datepayment_datepayment_dateCalendar date
Publish Descriptionpublish_descriptionpublish_descriptionText
Supplier Namesupplier_namesupplier_nameText
Reporting Entityreporting_entityreporting_entityText

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