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Register of ACT Veterinary Practitioners (Historical Archive)

Register of ACT Veterinary Practitioners (Historical Archive)

This data set stores the historical Register of ACT Veterinary Practitioners


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
As ofas_ofas_ofCalendar dateThis data is valid as of on this data
QualificationqualificationqualificationTextqualification type
WorkplaceworkplaceworkplaceTextname of veterinary clinic primarily worked at
Reg status (standard, specialist, non-practising)reg_status_standard_specialistreg_status_standard_specialistTextStatus of registration for a practitioner (4 status) Standard, Standard with Conditions (this will spell out what services Vet can/cannot perform Or how they should be operating) , Non-practicing, Specialist
Reg expiry datereg_expiry_datereg_expiry_dateCalendar dateAnnual renewal required. Once registration expires, veterinarian should cease practicing
First namefirst_namefirst_nameTextfirst name
Registration no.registrationnoregistrationnoNumberunique number (sequential numbering for new registration)

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