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Suburban Cook County - Births (Birth Related Outcomes & Characteristics)

Suburban Cook County - Births (Birth Related Outcomes & Characteristics)

This data is compiled by the Cook County Department of Public Health using data from the Illinois Department of Public Health Vital Statistics. It includes the annual number of live births, and birth related outcomes and characteristics. Further analysis is available by birth mother's age group, race/ethnicity, and place/district of residence for all births in suburban Cook County. Also included is data related to infant mortality. Table of Contents and other information can be found at Note: * Counts suppressed for events between 1 and 4, - Rates not calculated for events less than 20


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Placedistrict_or_place_of_residencedistrict_or_place_of_residenceTextMother's Place of Residence (see SCC District Map)
Race/Ethnicityrace_ethnicityrace_ethnicityTextRace/Ethnicity of Mother
Age Groupage_group_of_motherage_group_of_motherTextAge Group of Mother
Sub-Sectionsub_sectionsub_sectionTextSub-Sections of birth topics
PopulationpopulationpopulationNumberNumber of Individuals in the specific category
RateraterateNumberNumber of events divided by the specific population
NumbernumbernumberNumberNumber of Event/Birth
YearyearyearNumberYear of Birth
SectionsectionsectionTextCharacteristics of Birth categorized into 7 main sections

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