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Consumer Airfare Report: Table 7 - Fare Premiums for Select Cities with More Than 20 Passengers per Day

Provides fare premiums for airports in the top 1,000 city pairs, and demonstrates the impact of low-fare service and hub domination on fare levels.

All records are aggregated as directionless city pair markets. Air traffic in each direction is combined.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
LHPaxlhpaxlhpaxNumberPassengers in long haul markets
tbltbltblTextName of the data table
SHPaxshpaxshpaxNumberPassengers in short haul markets
US States:@computed_region_28hd_vqqn:@computed_region_28hd_vqqnNumber
SHPerLFMktsshperlfmktsshperlfmktsNumberPercent of passengers in short haul markets with Low Cost Carrier service
TotalPerPremtotalperpremtotalperpremNumberPercent fare premium (discount) in in all markets
TotalMktstotalmktstotalmktsNumberCount of all markets
LHPerLFMktslhperlfmktslhperlfmktsNumberPercent of passengers in long haul markets with Low Cost Carrier service
LHMktslhmktslhmktsNumberCount of long haul markets
aptaptaptTextAirport code
citynamecitynamecitynameTextCity used to consolidate airports serving the same city market
quarterquarterquarterNumberData Quarter
TotalPerLFMktstotalperlfmktstotalperlfmktsNumberPercent of passengers in markets with Low Cost Carrier service
SHMktsshmktsshmktsNumberCount of short haul markets
LHAvgHubFarelhavghubfarelhavghubfareNumberMarket average fare in long haul markets
SHPerPremshperpremshperpremNumberPercent fare premium (discount) in short haul markets
SHAvgHubFareshavghubfareshavghubfareNumberMarket average fare in short haul markets
TotalAvgHubFaretotalavghubfaretotalavghubfareNumberMarket average fare in all markets
airportidairportidairportidNumberAirport ID is an identification number assigned by US DOT to identify a airport.
citymarketidcitymarketidcitymarketidNumberCity market ID is an identification number assigned by US DOT to identify a city makret. Use this field to consolidate airports serving the same city market
tbl7pktbl7pktbl7pkTextPrimary Key for Table 7; Unique Record
LHPerPremlhperpremlhperpremNumberPercent fare premium (discount) in long haul markets
TotalFaredPaxtotalfaredpaxtotalfaredpaxNumberPassengers in all markets
YearyearyearNumberData Year
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