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Enhanced Transit Safety Retrofit Package (E-TRP)

The data is taken from three intersections and 24 buses over a six month period in Cleveland, Ohio. The systems at the intersections provided MAP and SPAT messages and the SPAT message contained pedestrian detections from a series of cameras at the intersection. The buses received these messages and used them to alert the vehicle driver when pedestrians were about to enter the crosswalks or was in the crosswalk. The buses also used basic safety messages from external vehicles to warn the driver when another vehicle had the potential of making a right hand turn in front of the vehicle. The data contains bus locations, bus state changes, pedestrian detections and user interface state changes. 


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
EventCodeTypeeventcodetypeeventcodetypeTextType of Event generated
VehicleIdvehicleidvehicleidNumberVehicle Identifier of the vehicle where this data was recorded
InteractionIdinteractionidinteractionidTextUnique identifier used to associate events with a single interaction with a particular external entity (e.g. intersection or transit stop)
IdididNumberUnique Id for this record
DeviceIddeviceiddeviceidNumberDevice Identifier of the vehicle where this data was recorded
EventIdeventideventidTextUnique message identifier for repeated notification
AlertIdalertidalertidTextUnique alert identifier of this record
AppMessageTypeappmessagetypeappmessagetypeTextType of message
ApplicationTypeapplicationtypeapplicationtypeTextApplication responsible for generating this event
EventTimestampeventtimestampeventtimestampCalendar dateDate and time the event was generated
  • enhanced_transit_safety_retrofit_package_etrp
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