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High Cost: Connect America Fund Broadband Map (CAF Map)

This dataset serves as the foundation for the Connect America Fund Broadband Map (CAF Map), which displays the geographic areas eligible for CAF support, as well as the specific fixed locations where carriers participating in the program have built out broadband service. The information in the CAF Map comes directly from carriers, which submit broadband deployment data annually through USAC’s High Cost Universal Broadband (HUBB) portal. The current CAF Map is based on data certified in the HUBB as of December 31, 2020 deployment. USAC independently verifies deployment to a random sample of reported locations each year to monitor carrier compliance with CAF build-out obligations, but not all data in the map has been subject to this review.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
LongitudelongitudelongitudeTextLongitude of the deployment location.
Milestone Certification Datemilestone_certification_datemilestone_certification_dateCalendar dateDate by which carriers must certify their deployments for that filing year in order to meet their milestone requirement.
Locations Obligationlocations_obligationlocations_obligationNumberNumber of locations the carrier is obligated to deploy to for the whole fund.
Company Namecompany_namecompany_nameTextCompany name of the affiliated carrier, or in its absence, carrier name.
Total State Support Receivedtotal_state_supporttotal_state_supportNumberAmount of funding disbursed to carriers by state.
CarriercarriercarrierTextStandard name used to identify a study area. Typically, the carrier name is the same as the company name.
Fund Typefund_typefund_typeTextIndividual High Cost fund under which the carrier deployed. See High Cost Funds Glossary for details.
Target Build Outtarget_build_outtarget_build_outNumberPercent of locations a carrier is required to deploy based on current program year milestone. For RBE the obligations are at SAC level and the deadline dates are not same as filing year end dates.
Deployment Datedeployment_datedeployment_dateCalendar dateDate the deployment occurred.
Study Area Codestudy_area_codestudy_area_codeTextUnique number assigned to each ETC based on its service area. A carrier with multiple service areas within a single state will have multiple SAC.
Download Upload Speed Tierspeed_tierspeed_tierTextBroadband speed that meets the required minimum standard (varies by fund).
Deployment Yeardeployment_yeardeployment_yearNumberYear the deployment occurred.
Locations Deployedlocations_deployedlocations_deployedNumberNumber of household being served within a location.
LatitudelatitudelatitudeTextLatitude of the deployment location.
Deployment ZIP Codedeployment_zip_codedeployment_zip_codeTextZip Code of the deployment location.
Deployment Statedeployment_statedeployment_stateTextState of the deployment location.
Deployment Citydeployment_citydeployment_cityTextCity of the deployment location.
Census Blockcensus_blockcensus_blockTextCensus block of the deployment location.
Deployment Addressdeployment_addressdeployment_addressTextAddress of the deployment location.
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