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Disciplinary Actions for Professional and Occupational Licensees

Any disciplinary action that has been taken by the State of Delaware against a professional or occupational licensee.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Profession IDprofession_idprofession_idText
First Namefirst_namefirst_nameText
Last Namelast_namelast_nameText
disp_enddisp_enddisp_endCalendar dateThe end date of the disciplinary action. If the disciplinary end date is blank, then the disciplinary action has not been completed. Certain types of disciplinary actions will not have an end date, such as Letter of Reprimand and Revocation.
disp_startdisp_startdisp_startCalendar dateThe start date of the disciplinary action.
disciplinary_actionitem_textitem_textTextType of disciplinary action taken against the licensee.
License Typelicense_typelicense_typeText
License_nolicense_id_llicense_id_lTextThe license number issued by the State of Delaware for this individual and the specific professional/occupational license.
Combined Namecombined_namecombined_nameText
Upstream Metadata