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Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Rebates

A list of rebates for electric vehicle charging equipment. The state provides such rebates for Level 2 electric vehicle charging equipment.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
ZipzipzipNumberZip code of charging station location
Rebate Amountrebate_amountrebate_amountNumberTotal dollars awarded to applicant for charging station equipment. Residential equipment purchased prior to November 1, 2016 received 100% of the cost of the charging station, up to $500; residential equipment purchased after November 1, 2016 received 50% of the cost of the charging station, up to $500. Commercial equipment receives 75% of the cost of the charging station, up to $2500. Workplace equipment receives 75% of the cost of the charging station, up to $5000.
Charging Station Brandcharging_station_brandcharging_station_brandTextCompany brand of charging station equipment
Award Numberaward_numberaward_numberTextUnique identifier for each grant application. Alpha-numeric. Begins with letters signifying the type of rebate award (EVSE = electronic vehicle supply equipment, RCS = residential charging station, CCS = commercial charging station, or WCS = workplace charging station). Ends with 6 digits signifying the date of the application (MMYY) and the numerical order in which applications were received by the state.
CitycitycityTextCity of charging station location
MonthmonthmonthNumberMonth of application submission
Cost of Charging Stationcost_of_charging_stationcost_of_charging_stationNumberTotal dollars spent on charging station equipment
CountycountycountyTextCounty of charging station location
YearyearyearNumberYear of application submission
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