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Green Energy Program Grants

Green Energy Program Grants

The Green Energy Program provides grant funding to Delmarva Power customers through the Green Grant Delaware program for purchase and installation of renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic (PV), geothermal, wind, and solar water heater systems.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Total Rebatetotal_rebatetotal_rebateNumberSum of money awarded to applicant through grant process
Application IDapplication_idapplication_idTextUnique identifier for each grant application
CitycitycityTextCity in which the project is located
Facility Typefacility_typefacility_typeTextRenewable energy source for which grant application has been submitted: PV (photovoltaic), Geothermal, Solar Water Heating, Wind
Mounting Locationmounting_locationmounting_locationTextLocation of installation of PV system: rooftop, ground, tracking (available starting in 2014)
Payment Statuspayment_statuspayment_statusTextProcessed grant awards have a status of Paid or Paid – ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act)
PPA/Leaseppa_leaseppa_leaseTextDenotes whether the system is owned vs whether the applicant has a PPA (Power of Purchase Agreement) to purchase the electricity the system produces on a per kilowatt hour basis or a lease to pay a set monthly amount for the electricity produced (available starting in 2014)
ZipzipzipTextZip code in which the project is located
SectorsectorsectorTextType of Project: Residential, Non_Residential, Commercial, Non_Profit, Solar Lease, Solar PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)
Application Submission Dateapplication_submission_dateapplication_submission_dateCalendar dateDate of submission of grant application
PV Capacity (kW)pv_capacity_kwpv_capacity_kwNumberSize in kilowatts of photovoltaic system
Wind Capacity (kW)wind_capacity_kwwind_capacity_kwNumberSize in kilowatts of windpower system
Solar Water Capacity (sq ft)solar_water_capacity_sq_ftsolar_water_capacity_sq_ftNumberSize in square feet of solar water heater system
Total System Costs ($)total_system_coststotal_system_costsNumberSum of money spent on renewable energy system
Geothermal Capacity (tons)geothermal_capacity_tonsgeothermal_capacity_tonsNumberSize in tons of geothermal system

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