Public Works - Annually Prequalified Contractors/Subcontractors

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Public Works - Annually Prequalified Contractors/Subcontractors

List of Public Works Contractors and Subcontractors prequalified on an annual basis by Facilities Management.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
CompanycompanycompanyTextName of prequalified Contractor or Subcontractor
Primary Company AddressaddressaddressTextAddress of the Contractor’s/Subcontractor’s primary office
CitycitycityTextCity where the Contractor/Subcontractor is located
StatestatestateTextState where the Contractor/Subcontractor is located
ZipzipzipTextZip code of the Contractor’s/Subcontractor’s location
Phone Numberphone_numberphone_numberTextPhone number of the Contractor/Subcontractor
Trade Classificationtrade_classificationtrade_classificationTextTrade category/classification for which the Contractor/Subcontractor is prequalified
Maximum Contract Dollar Valuemaximum_contract_dollar_valuemaximum_contract_dollar_valueNumberThe upper limit of contract value for the trade classification for which a prequalified Contractor or Subcontractor may submit a bid.
Expiration DatedateexpiredateexpireCalendar dateDate on which the prequalification status expires.

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