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2011-2013 Council and Committee Meetings - Motions

Lists any Motions (also known as ‘Resolutions’) or Councillor Inquiries made during the meeting.

Motions of Council require a mover and seconder; Motions of Committee only require a mover.

Councillor Inquiries do not require a Mover nor is a vote taken.

(Information Subject to Change. While every effort is taken to ensure its accuracy, the data presented here is for informational purposes only. The official record of the Council and Committee meetings shall be the Agendas, Minutes and supporting documents approved by and filed with the City Clerk.)


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
MOTION_DESCRIPTIONmotion_descriptionmotion_descriptionTextText of the motion or inquiry as introduced to the committee
MOTION_IDmotion_idmotion_idTextPrimary Key / Unique Motion Identifier. It's Hex-based ID.
ITEM_IDitem_iditem_idTextForeign Key Identifier - see Agenda Items dataset for the related agenda item
MOTION_MOVERmotion_movermotion_moverTextName of the committee member who introduced the motion
MOTION_STATUSmotion_statusmotion_statusTextIndicates whether the motion was 'Carried' or 'Failed'. A status of 'None' or 'No Vote' indicates that no vote was taken on the motion or inquiry.
MEETING_IDmeeting_idmeeting_idTextForeign Key Identifier - see Meeting Details dataset for the type and date of the meeting
MOTION_SECONDERmotion_secondermotion_seconderTextA Seconder is only required for motions made at Council meetings (it is not required for Committee meetings).
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