• 2013 edmonton election

2013 Edmonton Election - Official Results

2013 Edmonton Election - Official Results

Official Results from the 2013 Edmonton Municipal and School Board Elections (October 21st, 2013).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
PERCENTAGEpercentagepercentageNumberPercentage of votes cast for this candidate out of the total votes cast in this race
CONTESTcontestcontestTextName of Race
REPORTED_ATreported_atreported_atTextDate and Time of ballot count results
RACE_IDrace_idrace_idNumberUnique identifier for Election Race
VOTES_CASTvotes_castvotes_castNumberTotal number of votes cast in this race (includes Over Votes and Under Votes, which are not otherwise reported)
OUT_OFout_ofout_ofNumberTotal number of voting stations in given Ward
REPORTINGreportingreportingNumberNumber of voting stations reporting results
ACCLAIMEDacclaimedacclaimedTextStatus - Has the candidate been acclaimed?
WARD_NAMEward_nameward_nameTextName of Ward
CANDIDATE_NAMEcandidate_namecandidate_nameTextName of Candidate
RACEraceraceNumberFK Identifier - Corresponds to the RACE_ID
VOTES_RECEIVEDvotes_receivedvotes_receivedNumberTotal number of votes received by Candidate

Upstream Metadata