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2017 - 2021 Council and Committee Meetings - Agenda Items and Attachments

This dataset is essentially a restatement of the 2017-2021 Council and Committee Meetings - Agenda Items dataset, but included URLs to any documents (typically Council reports) attached to the agenda.

Link to the associated dataset is:


Lists the Agenda Items for Council and Committee meetings. The agenda is usually published on the Thursday prior to the meeting. Statutory Public Hearings (Land Use) agendas are available 3 weeks prior to the meeting.

(Information Subject to Change. While every effort is taken to ensure its accuracy, the data presented here is for informational purposes only. The official record of the Council and Committee meetings shall be the Agendas, Minutes and supporting documents approved by and filed with the City Clerk.)


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
File Descriptionfile_descriptionfile_descriptionTextA File Description as per the Agenda entry.
File IDfile_idfile_idNumberPrimary Key / Unique File Identifier.
ITEM_TITLEitem_titleitem_titleTextAgenda Item Heading.
Row IDrow_idrow_idTextA unique ID, comprising of the Meeting ID, the Item ID, the Sub Item ID and the File ID (if applicable).
ITEM_IDitem_iditem_idNumberPrimary Key / Unique Agenda Item Identifier.
MEETING_IDmeeting_idmeeting_idNumberForeign Key Identifier - See Meeting Details dataset to get the name and date of meeting.
SUB_ITEM_IDsub_item_idsub_item_idNumberPrimary Key / Unique Agenda Sub Item Identifier. If value equal the Item ID, then the Sub Item is the agenda section (header).
Download URLdownload_urldownload_urlURLIf supplied, the URL will download the associated document for the agenda item attachment from a document repository.
Document Statusdocument_statusdocument_statusTextValues Available/Error. In the instance where the value is Error, there may be a technical issue in extracting out the document and an on site request for the document may be needed.
Document Repository URLdocument_repository_urldocument_repository_urlURLIf supplied, the URL will open the associated document for the agenda item attachment from a document repository.
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