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2021 Edmonton Election - Official Results

2021 Edmonton Election - Official Results

This dataset reflects the official election results for the 2021 Edmonton Election.

236488 votes cast out of 629006 eligible voters.

Data reported at 2021-10-19T14:37:00.

Dataset updated 2021-10-22T09:10:05.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
votescastvotescastvotescastNumberTotal number of votes cast in this race (excludes Over Votes and Under Votes)
candidatenamecandidatenamecandidatenameTextThe name of the candidate
votesvotesvotesNumberTotal number of votes received by Candidate
reportingreportingreportingNumberNumber of voting stations reporting results
raceidraceidraceidTextUnique identifier for Election Race
percentpercentpercentNumberPercentage of votes cast for this candidate out of the total votes cast in this race
outofoutofoutofNumberTotal number of voting sations in a given Ward
municipalballotscastballotscastballotscastNumberTotal municipal ballots cast for the election (includes Over Votes and Under Votes)
wardnamewardnamewardnameTextName of Ward
eligiblevoterseligiblevoterseligiblevotersNumberThe estimated number of Eligible Voters, who can vote in the Edmonton Election
acclaimedacclaimedacclaimedTextStatus - has the candidate been acclaimed?
contestcontestcontestTextName of Race
electiondateelectiondateelectiondateCalendar dateThe date the Election was held
electionelectionelectionTextElection Name
reportedatreportedatreportedatCalendar dateDate and time of ballot count results

Upstream Metadata