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City of Edmonton Ward Boundary and Council Composition: Current, Historical and Future

This dataset provides the current, future, and historical geometric polygons of the City of Edmonton's civic ward boundaries and the associated Council member in office.

The associated map can be used to filter to display the ward boundaries as of a specified date. It's also possible to use the API to extract just the rows that you're interested in, for example:

See https://dev.socrata.com/docs/functions.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
effective_end_dateeffective_end_dateeffective_end_dateCalendar dateThe date on which the ward data ceased to be effective/current. If the start date is in the past, and the end date is in the future or is blank, then the ward data is currently in effect.
councillorcouncillorcouncillorTextThe name of the council member.
effdt_typeeffdt_typeeffdt_typeTextWhether the ward boundary in question is currently active, will become active in the future, or is historical.
effective_start_dateeffective_start_dateeffective_start_dateCalendar dateThe date on which the ward data became effective/current.
councillor2councillor2councillor2TextThe name of the second council member, if the council member changed during the term.
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