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ETS Bus Schedule GTFS Data Feed - Trips

This dataset lists all trips and their routes in Edmonton. A trip is a sequence of two or more stops that occurs at specific time.

For documentation please see https://developers.google.com/transit/gtfs/reference#tripstxt.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
line_lengthline_lengthline_lengthNumberLength of the line, in meters.
shape_idshape_idshape_idTextIdentifies a geospatial shape that describes the vehicle travel path for a trip.
block_idblock_idblock_idTextIdentifies the block to which the trip belongs. A block consists of two or more sequential trips made using the same vehicle, where a passenger can transfer from one trip to the next just by staying in the vehicle.
trip_idtrip_idtrip_idTextID that identifies a trip
service_idservice_idservice_idTextID that uniquely identifies a set of dates when service is available for one or more routes.
trip_headsigntrip_headsigntrip_headsignTextText that appears on a sign that identifies the trip's destination to passengers
route_idroute_idroute_idTextID that uniquely identifies a route
wheelchair_accessiblewheelchair_accessiblewheelchair_accessibleCheckboxIndicates wheelchair accessibility.
direction_iddirection_iddirection_idNumberA binary value that indicates the direction of travel for a trip. 0 - travel in one direction; 1 - travel in opposite direction
bikes_allowedbikes_allowedbikes_allowedCheckboxIndicates whether bikes are allowed.
geometry_linegeometry_linegeometry_lineMultiLineWKT multiline string representation of the shape_id from shapes.txt.
  • ets_bus_schedule_gtfs_data_feed_trips
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