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Neighbourhoods and Wards

Neighbourhoods and Wards

List of current neighbourhoods, their unique identifier number and the respective civic ward the neighbourhood is found in.

Included are both residential and industrial neighbourhoods.

The percentage of the neighbourhood that is found within the ward is also shown.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Neighbourhood Nameneighbourhood_nameneighbourhood_nameTextThe name of the Neighbourhood
Neighbourhood Numberneighbourhood_numberneighbourhood_numberNumberA unique number (ID) assigned to the neighbourhood. Usually used as a joining field to other datasets.
WardwardwardTextThe civic ward that the neighbourhood is in.
Percentage of Interactionpercentage_of_interactionpercentage_of_interactionNumberThe percentage of the neighbourhood that is found in the ward.

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