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IFC Advisory Services Projects

Private sector development requires more than just finance. Experience shows the powerful role advisory services can play in unlocking investment and helping businesses expand and create jobs.

To help the private sector in emerging markets, IFC provides advice, problem solving, and training to companies, industries, and governments. Our experience shows that companies need more than financial investment to thrive—they need a regulatory environment that enables entrepreneurship, and advice on business best practices. Our work includes advising national and local governments on how to improve their investment climate and strengthen basic infrastructure. Governments account for around half of our advisory projects. We also help investment clients improve corporate governance and become more sustainable.

For project information IFC discloses on a daily basis, please refer to the IFC Disclosure Portal:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
WB Country Codecountry_codecountry_codeTextCountry code according to WB Code list. Might be different from ISO codes
Projected Start Dateprojected_start_dateprojected_start_dateCalendar dateProject estimated start date.
IFC Approval Dateifc_approval_dateifc_approval_dateCalendar dateDate on which a project was approved by Board/Management in accordance with Operational Procedures.
Project Nameproject_nameproject_nameTextName of an advisory project - discrete unit of work associated with provision of service to a client.
Disclosure Datedisclosure_datedisclosure_dateCalendar dateDate when the record was first disclosed.
CountrycountrycountryTextCountry where investment and/or advisory services are executed and/or utilized.
Business Linebusiness_linebusiness_lineText
IFC Country Codeifc_country_codeifc_country_codeTextCountry code according to IFC Code list.
Project Numberproject_numberproject_numberTextNumeric code that uniquely identifies a project.
Estimated Total Budget ($)estimated_total_budgetestimated_total_budgetNumberProject budget includes all project-funded activities.
As of Dateas_of_dateas_of_dateCalendar dateDate when this snapshot was taken.
IFC RegionregionregionTextGeographic region. The term 'World" describes projects spanning multiple regions.
StatusstatusstatusTextIdentifies standing of a project.
DepartmentdepartmentdepartmentTextWorld Bank Group organizational entity within a Vice Presidency, comprised of one or more units and/or divisions.
Project URLproject_urlproject_urlURLLink to a project page on IFC Projects website.
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