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Election Results

Election Results

This data set consists of all Fulton County Election results from April 2012 to present. Included with each record is the race, candidate, precinct, number of election day votes, number of absentee by mail votes, number of advance in person votes, number of provisional votes, total number of votes, name of election, and date of election. This data set is updated after each election.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
ProvisionalprovisionalprovisionalNumberNumber of provisional votes
Absentee by Mailabsentee_by_mailabsentee_by_mailNumberNumber of absentee ballots
Election Dayelection_dayelection_dayNumberNumber of election day votes
Voter Turnoutvoter_turnoutvoter_turnoutNumberPercentage of registered voters that voted
Ballots Castballots_castballots_castNumberNumber of ballots cast
Registered Votersregistered_votersregistered_votersNumberNumber of registered voters
Election Dateelection_dateelection_dateCalendar dateDate of the election
CandidatecandidatecandidateTextPerson running for a position
Total Votestotal_votestotal_votesNumberTotal number of absentee, advance, provisional, and election day votes
PrecinctprecinctprecinctTextVoting precinct that the results are from
Advance in Personadvance_in_personadvance_in_personNumberNumber of early votes
RaceraceraceTextPosition the candidate is running for
Election Nameelection_nameelection_nameTextName of the election

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