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This dataset consists of revenue received by the Fulton County government broken down by source, program (unit) and year. Fulton County revenues have six major sources: taxes, intergovernmental, licenses and permits, charges for services, fines and forfeitures, and other revenues. The dataset includes revenue from all sources for the previous four years plus year-to-date revenue for the current year.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
YTD Cash Collectedytd_cash_collectedytd_cash_collectedNumber
Unit Nameunit_nameunit_nameTextThe descriptive name of the unit (program).
YTD Revenue Recognizedytd_revenue_recognizedytd_revenue_recognizedNumber
CP Revenue Recognizedcp_revenue_recognizedcp_revenue_recognizedNumber
Revenue Source Namerevenue_source_namerevenue_source_nameText
UnitunitunitTextA group of related work activities within a department, also known as a program. Each department has one or more units.
Unrecognized Budget Balanceunrecognized_budget_balanceunrecognized_budget_balanceNumber
YearyearyearNumberThe fiscal year in which the revenue was received. For Fulton County, the fiscal year aligns with the the calendar year.
DepartmentdepartmentdepartmentTextThe unique designator used in the accounting system for the department. A department is a collection of all offices, divisions and other work units, which are under the control of a single department head.
CP Cash Collectedcp_cash_collectedcp_cash_collectedNumber
Department Namedepartment_namedepartment_nameTextThe descriptive name of the department.
FundfundfundTextAn accounting entity with a complete set of self-balancing accounts established to account for finances of a specific function or activity. The resources and uses are segregated from other resources and uses for the purpose of carrying on specific activities or attaining specific objectives in accordance with special regulations, restrictions, or limitations.
Budgeted Amountbudgeted_amountbudgeted_amountNumber
Fund Namefund_namefund_nameTextThe descriptive name of the fund.
DatedatedateCalendar dateJanuary 1st of the Year in the Year column.

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