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Transportation Projects funded through the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST)

Transportation Projects funded through the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST)

This dataset contains information on transportation projects in Fulton County funded through the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST). It includes TSPLOST-funded projects in all municipalities with the exception of Atlanta. This dataset is used by the TSPLOST Projects Explorer web site at https://tsplost.fultoncountyga.gov/projects. Information on projects is provided by the individual Fulton County municipalities.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Description assocated with schedule indicator colordescription_assocated_with_schedule_indicator_colordescription_assocated_with_schedule_indicator_colorTextText indicating whether the project is currently on schedule.
Text to descript the schedule status for the projecttext_to_descript_the_schedule_status_for_the_projecttext_to_descript_the_schedule_status_for_the_projectText
Current Stage of Projectcurrent_stage_of_projectcurrent_stage_of_projectTextThe current stage of the project (planning, land, concept, design, bidding, construction or completed).
Budget Indicatorbudget_indicatorbudget_indicatorTextText indicating whether the project is currently within budget.
Local IDlocal_idlocal_idTextUnique project identifier created by the municipality
TiertiertierTextThe project tier (1, 2 or 3) indicating the priority. The completion of Tier 2 and 3 projects are contingent on availability of funds.
Project Descriptionproject_descriptionproject_descriptionTextA description of the project including the location and the type of improvements to be made.
Balance to Spendbalance_to_spendbalance_to_spendNumber
Project IDproject_idproject_idTextUnique project identifier created by Fulton County
CitycitycityTextName of city to which the project belongs
Link to external website (if it exists with City)link_to_external_website_if_it_exists_with_citylink_to_external_website_if_it_exists_with_cityTextA link to a web page with additional information about the project.
Image Fileimage_fileimage_fileText
District Shape Filedistrict_shape_filedistrict_shape_fileNumber
Initiatve Typeinitiatve_typeinitiatve_typeText
StatusstatusstatusTextThe current status of the project (active or inactive).
Project Typeproject_typeproject_typeTextUsed to categorize project by type.
Project Name/Titleproject_name_titleproject_name_titleTextA short name for the project
Design Firm Selecteddesign_firm_selecteddesign_firm_selectedTextThe name of the firm selected to do the design work.
Estimated Design Completion Dateestimated_design_completion_dateestimated_design_completion_dateTextThe date by which the design work is estimated to be completed.
Primary Funding Sourceprimary_funding_sourceprimary_funding_sourceTextThe primary source of funding for the projects (TSPLOST).
SpentspentspentNumberThe amount spent so far in dollars.
Estimated Construction Completion Dateestimated_construction_completion_dateestimated_construction_completion_dateTextThe date by which the construction work is estimated to be completed.
Estimated Substantial Completion Dateestimated_substantial_completion_dateestimated_substantial_completion_dateTextThe date by which work is estimated to be substantially completed.
IDididNumberInternally generated unique identifier
Estimated Start Date for Projectestimated_start_date_for_projectestimated_start_date_for_projectTextThe date by which the project is estimated to start.
Committed (not spent)committed_not_spentcommitted_not_spentNumberThe amount committed but not yet spent in dollars.
Indicator Color for Scheduleindicator_color_for_scheduleindicator_color_for_scheduleText
Last UpdatelastupdatelastupdateCalendar date
BudgetbudgetbudgetNumberThe project budget in dollars.
Construction Firm Selectedconstruction_firm_selectedconstruction_firm_selectedTextThe name of the firm selected to do the construction work.
Status/Budget Narativestatus_budget_narativestatus_budget_narativeText
Pending steps for project budgetpending_steps_for_project_budgetpending_steps_for_project_budgetText
EditoreditoreditorTextThe last person to edit the project information.