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this dataset is an inventory of existing medians along Hawaii Highways. Information includes location, condition of the median, median protection (Flexible, Semi-rigid, rigid, unspecified) type of median (Curbed •Flex •Rigid •Semi-rigid •Unprotected •Painted - Passing •Painted - No Passing •No Median) https://highways.hidot.hawaii.gov/dataset/Median-Type/sz7m-p92t


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
ASSET_IDasset_idasset_idTextUnique Asset Identifier generated by Mandli
Shape__Lengthshape_lengthshape_lengthNumbergeometric construct computation
PFES_IDpfes_idpfes_idTextPFES link identification
NHSnhsnhsTextWhether route is on the National Highway System
SOURCEsourcesourceTextCollection cycle
E_ELEe_elee_eleNumberGPS Location of section or asset end
E_LONe_lone_lonNumberGPS Location of section or asset end
E_LATe_late_latNumberGPS Location of section or asset end
B_LONb_lonb_lonNumberGPS Location of section or asset start
COMMENTScommentscommentsTextRater comment on feature condition
SURVEYEDsurveyedsurveyedTextCollection Date
BMPbmpbmpNumberMeasured distance of section or asset begin
LANE_IDlane_idlane_idTextThe lane that is traveled.
ROUTErouterouteTextThe route number
ISLANDislandislandTextThe island name
END_FRAMEend_frameend_frameNumberFrame distance of section or asset start
BEG_FRAMEbeg_framebeg_frameNumberFrame distance of section or asset start
SESSION_NMsession_nmsession_nmTextSession Name (usually Island, type of route, direction and route name concatenation)
OBJECTIDobjectidobjectidNumberArcGIS object key
B_ELEb_eleb_eleNumberGPS Location of section or asset start
PREFIXprefixprefixTextThe route owner. SR is a state route, CR is a county route.
B_LATb_latb_latNumberGPS Location of section or asset start
GHOSTEDghostedghostedTextCopied from previous year observation or brand new observation
TYPEtypetypeTextCurbed •Flex •Rigid •Semi-rigid •Unprotected •Painted - Passing •Painted - No Passing •No Median
DELIVERYIDdeliveryiddeliveryidTextThe data delivery date as a string
LRM_NAMElrm_namelrm_nameTextLinear Reference System Name (always CDS)
EMPempempNumberMeasured distance of section or asset end
DIRECTIONdirectiondirectionTextRoute direction
the_geomthe_geomthe_geomMultiLineGeometry Data