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2019 Kansas City Energy and Water Consumption Benchmarking for Community-Wide Buildings

The 2019 Energy and Water consumption sent to the City by owners of buildings 50,000 SQFT or greater using the Energy Star Portfolio Manager tool. Data is required by the Energy Empowerment Ordinance in Kansas City, Missouri. The data was collected in 2020 and might be appended as new submissions come in.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
ENERGY STAR Scoreenergy_star_scoreenergy_star_scoreNumberA score generated by the national Energy Star Program used to compare the building to other similar building types. The score is out of 1-100 where 50 is the median and 75 is at the upper quartile. Not all buildings are eligible for a score.
Water Use (All Water Sources) (kgal)water_use_all_water_sourceswater_use_all_water_sourcesNumberWater metric from indoor, outdoor, and mixed meters
Indirect GHG Emissions (Metric Tons CO2e)indirect_ghg_emissions_metricindirect_ghg_emissions_metricNumberIndirect GHG (low amounts tend to round to 0)
Direct GHG Emissions (Metric Tons CO2e)direct_ghg_emissions_metricdirect_ghg_emissions_metricNumberDirect GHG (low amounts tend to round to 0)
Weather Normalized Site EUI (kBtu/ft²)weather_normalized_site_euiweather_normalized_site_euiNumberEnergy use per SQFT that has been normalized to account for weather. compared to Site, this is more reflective of what you'd find on a utility billing statement.
Weather Normalized Source EUI (kBtu/ft²)weather_normalized_sourceweather_normalized_sourceNumberEnergy use per SQFT that has been normalized to account for both weather and source of energy
Property GFA - Calculated (Parking) (ft²)property_gfa_calculated_2property_gfa_calculated_2NumberTotal Parking SQFT (does not include building SQFT)
Property GFA - Calculated (Buildings and Parking) (ft²)property_gfa_calculated_1property_gfa_calculated_1NumberTotal building SQFT (does not include parking)
Property GFA - Calculated (Buildings) (ft²)property_gfa_calculatedproperty_gfa_calculatedNumberTotal SQFT between the building and parking
Primary Property Type - Portfolio Manager-Calculatedprimary_property_typeprimary_property_typeTextA calculated property use type based of the use that has the most SQFT assigned to it.
Primary Property Type - Self Selectedprimary_property_type_selfprimary_property_type_selfTextA self-selected main property use type
Kansas City Building Reporting IDkansas_city_building_reportingkansas_city_building_reportingTextUnique (with a few exceptions) ID that identifies the building being submitted.
Postal Codepostal_codepostal_codeTextThe zip code the building is located in.
CitycitycityTextCity that the building is located in: Kansas City Missouri.
Street Addressstreet_addressstreet_addressTextStreet Address
Property Nameproperty_nameproperty_nameTextBuilding name assigned by point of contact for property
Year Endingyear_endingyear_endingCalendar dateThe last date in the full year period in which metrics are taken
State/Provincestate_provincestate_provinceTextState the building is located in: Missouri
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