Marine Phytoplankton Samples by Taxonomic Group

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Marine Phytoplankton Samples by Taxonomic Group

<p>This dataset contains phytoplankton samples collected from Puget Sound and analyzed using a particle imaging analyzer (FlowCAM®). For more information see the King County <a href="" > marine phytoplankton</a> webpage. </p><p>This specific dataset summarizes phytoplankton abundance and biovolume data to the lowest practical taxonomic unit. Additional datasets summarize abundance and biovolume data by:</p><p>• <a href="" >Size Class (all size classes in a sample in one line)</a></p><p>• <a href="" >Sample By Size Class (each sample size class in one line)</a></p><p>• <a href="" >Sample by Generic Functional Group</a></p><p>• <a href="" >Sample by Specific Functional Group</a></p><p>For locator information, see the <a href="">WLRD Water Quality Collection Sites</a> dataset.</p><p>For corresponding water quality data matched by Grab ID see the <a href="">Water Quality</a> dataset.</p>


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Sample Numbersample_numbersample_numberTextDescription of sample collection location Unique identifier applied by the laboratory for samples collected from the same bottle
Steward Notesteward_notesteward_noteTextText entered by secondary data reviewers
KingdomkingdomkingdomTextKingdom level of taxon
PhylumphylumphylumTextPhylum level of taxon
Profile IDprofile_idprofile_idNumberUnique identifier to link samples collected on the same day, at the same place, but at different depths
Replicates Ofreplicates_ofreplicates_ofTextIndicates the sample number of the replicate
RankrankrankTextTaxonomic rank identified to
Site Namesite_namesite_nameTextDescription of sample collection location
GenusgenusgenusTextGenus level of taxon
Grab IDgrab_idgrab_idNumberUnique identifier to link samples collected at the same time but run for different program components (e.g., phytoplankton and water quality data collected together)
ReplicatesreplicatesreplicatesTextIndicates if there are replicate samples
Collect Datecollect_datecollect_dateCalendar dateDate samples were collected
Depth (m)depth_mdepth_mNumberDepth sample was collected (meters)
FamilyfamilyfamilyTextFamily level of taxon
Biovolume (mm^3/L)biovolume_mm_3_lbiovolume_mm_3_lNumberTotal biovolume of taxon
Sample IDsample_idsample_idNumberUnique identifier to link samples collected from the same bottle
Abundance (particles/mL)abundance_particles_mlabundance_particles_mlNumberTotal abundance of taxon
QualityqualityqualityNumberCode indicating overall quality of the data (see DataReadMeFile_WQ for definitions)
SpeciesspeciesspeciesTextSpecies level of taxon
ClassclassclassTextClass level of taxon
TaxontaxontaxonTextIdentified taxon (could be at the genus level, family level, etc.)
OrderorderorderTextOrder level of taxon
DataSourcedatasourcedatasourceTextWho the data were analyzed by
LocatorlocatorlocatorTextCoordinate information available at: